Great posts deserve a pat on the back…

And even though this one is a few weeks old, I thought it was great, and did a good job of explaining the reasons you should get in on the ground floor of an MMORPG you’re excited about.

Sometimes you do get burned – Vanguard, SWG, and (increasingly it looks like) AoC have done it.  But others…well theres lots of lifelong fans of EQ, WoW, and others.

I also have realized one of the reasons I love reading these blogs is because of the people who write them.  Most of them, even though they have wildly varying opinions on things, all start from the same place – married, a couple of kids, love to play and get solid time, but are not “hardcore.”  That’s me, and so I enjoy seeing what experiences they are having.  It helps me to have more fun, and to better focus the game time I do have.