WAR hasn’t started and I’m already a casualty…

Casualty of WAR that is, just to clarify.

That’s kinda the last nail on the coffin eh?  See how quickly I came down off the fence on this?  That’s rare for me.  So I’m hoping thats a good sign and not a comment on a current delusional state.  (-:

To step away from WAR a second though.  I was doing some looking in on the RvR concept and took a second look at DAOC today.  And I was floored.  For some reason, I’ve always that that DAOC was a completely PvP oriented game with like 3 classes.  Instead its everything I loved about Shadowbane, but with better management it seems.  I may have to do the 2 week trial while I wait for the WAR Beta to open up, just to try it out.  I wish I had seen it years ago!

I did this in EQ2 though.  I skimmed the classes and picked something, and ignored the rogues (seriously people, that word is *not* that hard to spell, can we pick up the slack on that…hmmm?) because I like playing “magical” classes.  But when I came back after the first demo, and looked over everything again, and tried one out, I flipped my lid.  I never would have thought of myself as a swashbuckler/brigand kind of guy, but I was!!!  Troll Brigand as it turns out.  (-:

So I’m seriously kicking myself for the unfortunate series of events that started with my stint in WoW.  I probably should have been playing DAOC instead.  My only knock on it so far is that the PR purports there to be a number of hybrid classes.  I see a few heavy and light tanks that can heal, and some light tanks that can cast spells, but I don’t see any sign of a true hybrid class there.  Something cross-genre, like Shadowbanes Channelers, who start life either as Healers…or Mages.  Anyway, if any of you have DAOC insight, I’d love to hear about it.

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