Class Pairings

Here’s a handy guide of the classes in WAR that have mirrored mechanics between Order and Chaos as best I can tell.  I started looking at this because of advice to play in Beta and the Preview weekend (oh yeah, did I mention I was one of the first 50k…woot!) that you should play the opposite of what you would do at launch, to keep the content fresh.  Since alot of WAR’s classes have mirrored mechanics for RvR/PvP balance considerations, that’s not hard to do and still get a little taste of the class you want to play.

Let me know if this needs corrections or you can offer more info, about the mechanics/pairings:


  • Swordmaster – Chosen (2h tanks)
  • Ironbreaker – Black Orc (s&b tanks)


  • Archmage – Shaman (yin/yang)
  • Warrior Priest – Disciple of Khaine (melee to heal)
  • Rune Priest – Zealot (buff/debuff heal)


  • Witch Hunter – Witch Elf (combo points)
  • Bright Mage – Sorcerer (backlash)
  • Engineer – Magus (mid range)
  • White Lion – Squig Herder (pet class)
  • Shadow Warrior – ?
  • Marauder – ?