What to Play…

So a quick little post as I slog through work, itching to get home and try my hand at WAR’s preview weekend.

After watching videos and plundering the WAR Database  (www.wardb.com) I think I may do either something I have not done in a long time, or something I have never done.

First off, I haven’t been a tank in ages.  My main alt in EQOA was an Erudite Shadowknight, and I loved playing it so much I’m surprised I haven’t played another since then.  I was pretty good with it too, at least according to the groups I was with.  There is something exhilirating about pulling off miraculous saves and delivering knockout blows.

Well, I guess I did play a Paladin for a long time in WoW, but truth is, my group consisted of a Warrior, my Pally, and a Mage.  So basically I was the healer.  (-:  But I don’t have a whole lot of experience as a healer.  I’ve never had one as a main anyway.  I did spend all of my time in Vanguard as a Druid, so I did do some spot healing there as well, but mostly that’s unknown to me.

But in WAR, I find myself being drawn to the tanking and healing classes.  Tanking in particular has some nice innovations in it.  I love that all the tanks have a medium ranged pulling attack that fluffs as a thrown weapon, and I have always been a sucker for thrown weapons.  Even better, if the enemy is fleeing, that thrown weapon skill suddently becomes a finished move that does ridiculous damage.

But we’ll probably play order in the end (one of my playing group has a thing about not playing the bad guys) and my brother has already expressed an interest in the Swordmaster.

Which means I might go the healing route.  This is tough though, because all the healers look positively awesome.  So more than likely I’ll spend the preview weekend trying out the Shaman, Zealot, and Disciple of Khaine to decide how I’ll be healing come game time. 

Okay, I scratched the itch.   Back to work.  (-: