Where in the World is Harbinger Zero

Well, first off, he got tired of war.

As usual in my gaming experience, I fell behind the ominous “leveling curve.”  Apparently I stop and smell the roses much more often than the average player does.  As a result, I was a Tier behind the COWs in no time flat.  And then further and further behind.

And it was then that I realized that I could play the game one of two ways.  I could PvP with others in the scenarios, and gain level a level a night while pulling my hair out in frustration that even two or three people linked with VOIP could completely dominate a match.  Or, I could PvE with a series of quests that gave XP so slowly that I would gain a level much slower.  While not amassing any worthwhile new gear.  That I would need for PvP.   And have less people to PQ with, meaning just running Ch. 1 of any given PQ over and over and over again to amass the points reward gear.  And fall further behind the guild.

In the end, WAR was a good game.  But it wasn’t my favorite.  I probably would have stuck around a little longer, but my own little gaming group generally speaking was less receptive to the game and moved on to other things.  One friend returned to WoW – and for the reasons that I continue to wonder why other gaming companies do not get.  WoW is the only game that will run on his VidCard-less laptop, and thus the only game he can play during the week while traveling.  Same with lots of people I know – they have a family computer with no VidCard.  If you want to take away WoW’s crown, you’re going to have to tackle that problem.   Anyhoo, my other friend happened to be my brother, and he happened to notice that Target had Conan clearenced for $10. 

Do I need to tell you where this is headed?


2 thoughts on “Where in the World is Harbinger Zero

  1. “Do I need to tell you where this is headed?”


    And re: returns to WoW, yep.

    Nice to hear you’re still around, anyway! But still… you don’t have to stop blogging just because you’re not WARring. (It never stopped me, for better or worse :P)

  2. HarbingerZero

    Thanks Ysharros! I’ve missed blogging, and I think I’ve learned that lesson now.

    I have been catching up on peoples’ blogs as well. Expect a few comments on your posts in the coming days (especially existentialist ones lol)! (-:

    I need to drop by the CoW site as well and see whats up there. Hmmm….

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