Things I Won’t Put Up With

1) Having to have multiple accounts to play the game.

Reasons this occurs:  low population, leveling ramp = leveling ziggurat.

Worst offenders:  Shadowbane


2) VOIP metagaming

Reasons this occurs: when PvP is designed on PvE models.

Worst offenders:  WAR


3) Class/Race power imbalances

Reason this occurs:  shoddy design, favoritism

Worst offenders:  WoW


4) Not listening and/or lying to the players.

Reasons this occurs:  power trips, desperation to find a new audience

Worst offender:  Probably SWG, but since I missed that little debacle it would be a tie between Vanguard (GU4) and EVE (Apocrypha NPE).


Okay well, I put up with all of them for awhile, but all of them are irritating beyond measure, and some in truth *were* game breakers for me – all but #4 actually.  Probably only because if #4 was a game breaker, I wouldn’t be playing any games at all.


6 thoughts on “Things I Won’t Put Up With

  1. Ooo I must have missed the Vanguard GU4 drama? Tell me more! Unless it was before September 2007 in which case I’ve just forgotten which update it was. 😉

  2. I’m with you on #1, though it does pre-suppose you are going to solo. It is the reason I can never go back to EQ,I don’t have friends playing and I don’t want to make my own group.

    With #2 you sort of lost me. Maybe you can describe how you see VOIP metagaming and how it differs between say WAR and EVE? Also I don’t understand why your reasons lead to this.

    If you’d named a PvP game in #3, I’d give you the nod, but in a game that is primarily PvE it smacks of “his toys look like they’re more fun than mine!” Were you a big player of the PvP content in WoW? As for your reasons, saying “shoddy design” and “favoritism” doesn’t prove it is so, the latter especially.

    On #4, it is very difficult at the developer end of things to remember that no matter how bad a given feature is and how obviously it need to be improved, some percentage of your audience loves that feature the way it is. Listening to players/customers is also difficult because they will tell you conflicting things all the time. Not implementing a given suggestion is not the same as not listening. Lying to players? You’ll have to illustrate that one, I’m not sure what your example is. The same with power trips. Desperation to find a new audience or bring new players into the game is, however, part of the mentality of modern business, which often believes if you’re not growing, you’re dying.

    I’m not sure how the Apocrypha new player experience fits in there, I haven’t played it but I know that the ramp to get players into the game has long been a stumbling block for CCP. Vanguard GU4 I don’t know about.

  3. HarbingerZero

    Thanks both of you for your comments! Let me take it one at a time.

    #2 – Sorry, I was ranting and thus not very clear! Particularly, I mean WAR’s scenarios, where it became the norm for scenarios to be dominated not by character choices, small group tactics, or good gameplay, but rather by who had the most number of players linked via VOIP. I believe this was because instanced set piece scenarios work better for PvE than PvP, but I’m sure there are lots of other reasons too. VOIP is fine in RvR, but it gives far too much battlefield control in more limited situations IMHO.

    #3 – I would think it would be reversed. In PvP, I expect character imbalance based on combat objectives. In PvE, I expect that my power level in the game should be roughly equivalent to everyone elses. In PvE, I don’t expect that my Paladin can barely take on one mob at a time, while a frost-specced Mage AOE tanks the remainder of the camp: 15+ mobs at one time. That’s shoddy design, unless they intended for such a power gap between clases, in which case, its favoritism (sorry about the earlier spelling mistake). It may be a good reason for favoritism, maybe the class is underused and they want to polish the cool factor, but still…

    #4 –
    Wow, let me tell you about GU4. Silius said in the notes they were finally bringing in helms, which would mean that they removed “some small bones” in the face, resulting in “slightly less customization in the facial area (but nothing drastic).” Test server people were quick to point out that was a lie, since it removed *all* facial customization – instead players simply chose one of four heads. Silius backpedaled, saying that he hadn’t actually seen the changes and was just passing on what he had been told, until someone drug up a post where he had bragged about seeing the new customizations and helmets and how good they were. So either he was lieing about the one or about the other. So there’s your illustration. (-:

    For me it wasn’t about the face stuff – I could care less, but it opened a floodgate – if they will lie on something so small, what else will they lie about? Not to mention the helmets were…wow. The Mickey Mouse helm will live forever in infamy.

    So honestly, maybe the reason for the lie here was neither of my listed reasons but rather trying to spin some damage control and failing miserably. I completely agree with your “mentality of modern business” remark, btw!

    To let the cat out of the bag, so to speak, I am completely hooked on EVE, despite my dislike of the NPE changes. Dropping the skill points was a head scratcher of an idea, and a real put off to me as a current trial account player. Players new and old screamed long and hard about that, but CCP wasn’t listening. Shouldn’t players at least start with the skills necessary to use their chosen race’s ships? But I’ll cover that more in my next post.

    Also I want to do a cross post thing with you experienced EVE players. I’ll come up with a 10 questions from an EVE noob blog, and you guys can blog your answers for me in response. (-:

  4. On #3, as a paladin player I have to say that if you can barely tank one mob, I think you have more issues than class balance to worry about.

    Seriously though, I have seen the argument that class X can do something that class Y cannot since I started playing MUDs more than 15 years back. The frost mage might as legitimately argue that they ought to be able to tank a boss mob in an instance, and the frost mage would also be wrong. Classes are there to assign roles to people. Mages put out damage, do crowd control, and get squished fast when the tank goes down. The paladin should be able to take damage, heal himself, hold aggro, and stay alive.

    Now, the fact that Blizzard has the skill trees that allow a paladin to spec retribution, like my paladin is, so I can put out almost as much damage as a mage and still tank some makes me wonder if the mage should be complaining about me or if Blizzard is guilty of too much paladin love.

    But to say favoritism (we love mages and hate paladins!) seems a bit silly and is certainly unproven. As for shoddy design, I have generally found with Blizzard, at least in their other games, that they are obsessive about achieving balance overall. Holding up one example (mage vs. paladin in killing 15 particular mobs) generally misses the big picture point.

    On #4, as I said, I don’t follow Vanguard and frankly don’t like to go into game forums in any case. But yes, if Silius said that, he sucks and needs to be reigned in. Devs gone wild on the forums is always a questionable thing. People feel like they have better access to the team, but they forget that any given dev probably doesn’t speak for the whole team. I recall one project where one of our devs decided he was going to take on Usenet single handed (back when Usenet actually conveyed some useful information). He ended up just making a lot of problems for everybody since he was only responsible for one part of the product, but felt inclined to make promises or declare that something was “easy” for areas in which he did not work. Live and learn on that one.

    Glad to hear you’re into EVE. The EVE community is pretty good about coming up with answers for people. I have a long history of EVE blog posts that are essentially, “I have no idea what I am doing” that yielded a lot of great suggestions.

  5. HarbingerZero

    Classes assign roles?! Amazing. I’ve only been doing this 6 years instead of 15, so I’ve clearly not picked up on everything yet. (-;

    Light hearted sarcasm aside, this was not tanking, this was two characters solo grinding. And this was two years ago, before the spiffy upgrades they put in to balance the pally back out with the other classes (or find a new imbalance, depending on who you talk too). I think we’ll just have to agree to disagree, because I don’t think that’s an acceptable discrepancy in power for the solo PvE grind.

    EVE post coming very soon…

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