EVE has a new player.

I'm so noob, I even screwed up the screenshots!
I'm so noob, I even screwed up the screenshots!

Seriously, I took tons of screenshots last night, and I have no idea where they are.  I assumed EVE would have its own folder for that kind of stuff, and I went to dig them out…but nope.  Suggestions welcome (you’ll probably hear that alot in my EVE posts).

But I’ve been having fun.  In truth I did it on a whim, in part because I’ve enjoyed reading The Ancient Gaming Noob’s posts about the game.  But I’ve been reading those for probably a year now.  I just got the itch one night to see how it worked.  I enjoyed PotBS, especially because it gave me a twitch to try my hand in virtual business, and EVE seemed like it was that, only alot more.  And it is.

I was fortunate.  I did a trial account just before Apocrypha, and then started a second one just after it landed.  The result is that I have gotten to see, in close order, both NPE’s.  And quite frankly, I prefer the former, even though that may not be the character I activate in the next week or so, when my second trial runs out. 

And in fact, I think the NPE will be a whole seperate post.  Mostly I want to say that the game in general has been alot of fun.  Taking the grind offline through the skill system has been a refreshing change of pace.  I’m free to set my own goals, achieve my own rewards, and I like that alot more than I thought I would.  Apparently I’m a “sandbox” kinda guy.

Current short term goal:  get the  cash and gear together to kit out an Arbitrator cruiser, and to run through the Epic mission arc.  Those two things may go hand in hand, though so far I’ve been able to pull in a million ISK a day between missions and the odd mining run in my tricked out Tormentor, “Dirty Business.”  Three x Expanded Cargo Hold ftw.

Long term goal: Upgrading the Arbitrator to a  T2 Curse class recon ship, which just looks like a lot of fun to play, between the transfers and being a drone carrier, and owning a Megathron (maybe Kronos, maybe Navy Issue, don’t know enough yet to have that nailed down).

Super long term goal:  Since I first heard about them being in the game last year, I have drooled over the possiblity of being a carrier pilot, launching waves of fighters.  Its been kind of a sci fi fantasy of mine outside of EVE too.  I spent plenty of time in MOO2 and GCII designing carrier-type spacecraft.  And I have no idea why, its just plain  *COOL* to me.

But that would probably mean some PvP stuff, and I mostly see myself being a mission runner and business type.

My first trial account I went Gallente, given my love of all things carrier, and their extensive use of drones.  But the second time, I went Amarr, and I’ve liked it better all around.  Visually I dig the ships more, they have the best drone carrier around south of a battleship (the Arbitrator mentioned above), and the tendency to be armor heavy is helpful given the amount of mistakes I’ll be making as a new player.  RP wise, I’d prefer the Gallante, but the Amarr aren’t bad for character hooks either.

Some random questions I still have:

1) Is there a way to look at the market for a particular station remotely?  Alot of times I will decide to sell something a system away, and it would be nice to have a short cut to seeing what other items would see better there, as opposed to just right clicking and skimming each of them individually.

2) When I go to upgrade my acount, should I pay the $20 online, or buy the $40 box?  And if I buy the box, should I convert one of the two months to a PLEX to get a good upfront cash infusion for my character?

3) Since carrier are a ways out, I’m going to be a drone guy for awhile.  Any drone tips or warnings?

4) Should I apply to EVE University?  Seems like a good starter corp for noobs like me.

And of course any other good advice you have, pass it my way.

And I’ll try to do a better job with the screenshots…

So if you get a chance, wave hello to Verhoff, son of some Wealthy Commoners in Amarr hi-sec space.

Current Mission Vessel:  Punisher

Current Mining Vessel: Tormentor


2 thoughts on “EVE has a new player.

  1. Debes Sparre

    1) No. Not that I know of, but I’m admittedly not a market guru. Might be able to find something on Eve-Central, but I doubt it. At best you can fly there and limit range to station.

    2) Well, if you get a GTC you can pay only 15. Also, if you get the box you can start a new alt and get the ugly-ass shuttle.

    3) Sleeper pew pew them. They sometimes decide to attack random things. New spawns of regular rats will attack them. And t2 drones are so, so much more powerful than t1.

    4) They do good work there, but you don’t need to.

    Also, I’d say Vexor is the better drone boat. Rupture is the overall better cruiser, too.

  2. HarbingerZero

    I went back and looked at the Vexor, and you’re absolutely right. While it carries fewer drones, I hadn’t noticed that it can put more drones in the air at one time (and the Ishtar with that mad drone capacity bonus…whew). Plus for my playstyle, the larger cargohold and heavier armor are useful. But its an ugly bugger isn’t? At least the Arbitrator *looks* like a carrier…

    Thanks for the input Debes!

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