I Miss The Grouchy Gamer )-:

Can  I say that? I’ve been trying to be more spontaneous in my posting, and quite frankly that’s whats on my mind as I scan my usual reads this morning.

I know he’s been trying to catch up recently, according to his website, and has been through alot in the last couple of months.  But I just needed to say it out loud, because its been a month or so since the last one. 

Thank you Grouchy Gamer, for all the fantastic posts, and I hope you are reloading and refitting for another run.

Now I don’t know the Grouchy Gamer, I don’t even know his name, though I know he sometimes goes by Genda and once gave me a hard time for my love of hard rock music on the CoW’s forums (I wanted Hed PE’s “Suffa” for the guild’s warsong, he wanted something…less earbleeding.  Not surprising given his particular idiom, lol ).

But though I don’t know him, I do enjoy his posts, and I have been missing them.  So, yeah, that’s about all I have to say on that.

[This is where I’d insert my catchy “signing off” phrase, if I had one.]


2 thoughts on “I Miss The Grouchy Gamer )-:


    /poke Genda

    He’ll be back when life settles down, I’m sure. That or we may have to go have a street party on his lawn, I bet that’d get a reaction. 😀

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