The Day Middle Earth Stood Still

First up, my little one seems to be doing a little better. Fever is mostly down. But now it looks like at least my wife and probably my wife + me have it, lol. Tag, you’re it!

So my brother and I manage to clear our busy schedules for a couple of hours of time together in middle earth to craft up some new gear (I just hit a new tier) and complete a few more quests.

I call him a few minutes later, and ask if he’s having problems. Well, he’s still watching American Idol (Simon is an agent of Saruman! I can feel it…) but he’ll check it out in a minute and let me know.

So he calls back and is like, yeah, me too. We try the main page of LotRO, but its down too. We speculate about that dangerous computer worm that was going around.

Finally, with some nifty URL magic, we get the forums up and began to read the course of events for the day.

I can only summarize, but from what we understood, a special April Fool’s quest was put in that involved turning yourself into a chicken. And so many people were doing it, that it crashed…well, everything.

Urukhai? No problem. Nazgul? Easy. Balrog? Cakewalk.

Chickens? Epic challenge noobs, epic challenge.


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