And Then, The Silence…

And now we have lost the other Creator, Dave Arneson.

A good omen for MMO Designers everywhere.
A good omen for MMO Designers everywhere.

Who will carry the torch for us now?  At one time, I had high hopes for Monte Cook, but over time those have dwindled.

Certainly the Open Gaming movement, gave us many rising stars, but none who are real icons like Gygax and Arneson were.  And don’t even get me started on the wholesale rape of the gaming community that was Hasbro and WotC’s apparent plan from the beginning.  Someday soon someone will take them to court and knock down the house of cards they built.  And the easiest way of doing that would be to revert to the original version of the OGL, publish 4th edition material, and watch them squirm and wiggle…

But I digress.  Maybe the next great wave of game designers will come from the world of MMO’s.  Someone to really open the imaginations of a new generation, to become a Creator in the way those two were.  Until then, may your creativity, hopes, and dreams guide you, in the path you should go on.

Bonus Points:  Anyone know what’s happening with Game Chef this year?  Its about that time, but nothings up on the site.  Or anyone know of any current 24hourRPG game challenges going on right now?