Wizard 102

So the weekend was pretty busy around here.  Family comes to town for Easter, which in my case means inlaws of all shapes and sizes including a total of ten guests, six adults and four kids (triplet nieces/nephews who are two years old, wake up early, and are into everything)!  So not much chance to stay up late or to play EVE since my desktop is in the office which is doubling as an extra bedroom for the weekend.

So that me to giving Wizard 101 a second chance.  And I did like it better the second time around.  I have some frustrations, but overall, its a nice little time diverter, and since it works well on my crappy laptop, it gets to stay awhile.  Can’t really decide on doing a Conjurer with Death as a secondary or a Necromancer with a Balance secondary.  Meh, DMD again.

It would easily be the second except that Death doesn’t get its first minion until 28, and heaven knows I probably won’t be playing that game that much.

I’m still not seeing the deck construction thing though, but maybe I’m just used to the sophisticated intricacies of M:tG in its heyday.  More than anything, I have to shake my head at how ga-ga everyone is over the cards that boost damage output on the next spell – aka, the Trap cards, and more specific ones like Feint.  Simply put, unless I’m crunching the numbers wrong, you are better off casting a spell than a booster,especially if you have a good wand handy (wands generally give 0-cost, 100% hit damage spells, and those spells are above and beyond your deck).


Anyway, hope everyone had a good Easter.  Me, I’m just glad to finally have my house and my compy back…


One thought on “Wizard 102

  1. I dunno about the deck construction thing either, but given the attention Tipa has given it I suspect that at later levels (I never made it beyond … 16? 18? 20 tops, anyway) it may become more important in order to produce a deck that’s efficient and effective. Maybe part of the draw (geddit?!) is making fights as short as possible — I got sick to death of watching the animations over and over, even though they were pretty good really.

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