Check the Rhythm of the Flavor I Wrote…

ETA: And while I get a chance here…let me clear this up.  I realized when reading some blogs this evening that someone else had the same title for their same EVE blog entry on the same day.  So…I’m changing mine.  (-:

So anytime I get out of the rhythm of MMO’s, its hard to get back in.  And that was true of EVE this weekend.  Having been out except for minor check ins for nearly a week, I was starting to second guess myself.

My CoW approved Corporation was clearly much bigger and much deeper into the game than I was, especially in the realm of Alliances, PvP, and all that jazz.  I spent most of my minimal log in time catching up on Corp/Ally in game mails and learning what terms like “nrds” meant.  And at the time my Corp was basically on a weapons free policy – shoot it unless its blue (what is that in EVE terms:  siuib?).  I was starting to feel overwhelmed.  And then it dawned on me that my missions here would be in Minmatar space – and I saw my dreams of a Navy Issue Megathron start to crumble.  On top of that, I got sent three fairly general EveMon skill plans only to realize that all of them called for the second tier learning skills – all of which run 4-5 million a piece, money I didn’t have yet.  Should I put all my money to buying them?  Start training anyway?  How much time would I have to waste?  How long would it take me to get to the 15 million I would need, and what if I lost a ship between here and there?  Especially if my Corp expected me to be running low sec patrols in my Tristan.

Well, the good news is that I bought the game box locally so I have two months of  time.  So I figured I needed to see this through.  I started looking at the Minmatar faction ships and concluded they were uglier even than I had previously remembered.   But it did get me excited again.  I love the ships in EVE, even the ugly ones, for they have their place in the universe too.

And then once I logged in I see that the diplomatic ties have forced us into less aggressive, aforementioned “nrds” stance.  My first though was “whew!” and my second thought was, “oh man, Vasov is *not* going to be happy.”

And finally I see an email that one of my Corps subsidiary corporations is smaller, newer, looking for new people, and with a cherry on top, an RP corp.  I haven’t put in for a tranfser yet, but it gave me something to chew on, especially since they are based back in Gal space (with dreams of Megathrons dancing in my head…).

So, suitably encouraged, I began a multi hour romp of mission running.  I’m sure these will get old as I do them all repeatedly, and I’ll move into more PvP…errr “pew pew” play styles, along with a more aggressive industry stance, but it was fun.  The romp even included my first ever dip into low-sec space!

I took a screen shot (will post later) to commemorate the moment, and I realized how important one bit of advice I had been given was – never use a ship you can’t afford to replace completely.  I knew, noob as I was though, that I could replace the Tristan and its gear with ease from my still limited stash, and so I dove in head first.  I did encounter a blinky read battleship that put my heart in my throat, until I realized that he was 90km off in a staring contest with another battleship, this one bearing that familiar and comforting blue color.

I pulled a couple of courier missions and was starting to wonder if it was worth it when I got one about culling some Angel Cartel ships.   Well now, this was more my style.  I hopped one system over to the encounter…and promptly got my ass handed to me.  I warped out with about 40% of my hull intact.  Warping back to my home base, I did some research and realized that perhaps it was time to upgrade from Civilian Shield Boosters x2 in my medium slots.  Wow, haha, yeah….

I made some changes with what existing equipment I could grab and decided to give it one more go.  I had managed to drop a second frigate before I warped out, so the odds were down to like 6 or 7 to one.  There was really too much red to count.

I got back in and had a little more success, warping out this time at least with some armor shreds in place and 3 less frigates to worry about.  I began to wonder what kits I needed against Angels.  Anti EM?  That was really the only weak part of my scheme at the moment….anyway a few minutes along in a deadspace semi-safe (I gather they’re really only safe with a cloak) space repping my hull and armor, and I dove back in again.

2 more frigates and a…huh, I’ve never seen that before.  Right click, Look at.  Holy moses, how many turrets is that!  Is that a…?  Yes, that is what I think it is.  My very first encounter with a destroyer.  So I remember from Vasov’s blog where he took one on in PvP  a few weeks ago to stay calm, get in close, and stay close.  I also realized this was why those frigates had been hitting me so hard – this guy had been standing on the back line throttling me the whole time.

A few minutes of fancy manuevering and dumb AI later, I had taken out another frigate while keeping some space between me and the last two reds.  I decided to salvage the wrecks closest to me and see if I could draw the destroyer to me.  It worked.  I had him one on one now.  I sent the Tristan in full bore,  and watched with some suprise as my first Sabretooth blew a hefty chunk of his shield into nothingness.  I only later learned that the Thrasher was actually less well armored than my Tristan, even without the nanofiber plates I was packing.  I manage to get in to 1300m before he danced away, but he armor was already suffering at that point, and I stayed as close in as I could.  It was over quickly.

It took me awhile to get all the salvage together, despite having trained another level of my skill to hopefully reduce the number of sweeps needed.  But it was worth it.  When I docked up that night, I was a million ISK richer.

One down, fourteen or so to go!