Been Busy?

I have.

With my newfound corp mentors, I’ve had my nose to the grindstone, and it lead to two things:

1) Hitting 10 million ISK for the first time ever.  I know I’ll eventually reach a place where I pull this much down every night, or close to it,  but it was a milestone that I couldn’t help but be proud of.  ‘Course I ran right out and bought more skill books (only need one more of the second tier learning books now!) so I’m back down to 6 and change, but still.

2)After much gut wrenching decision making, I bought my  first cruiser:

No, you can't stop the Rhino/You can't take away what I know.
No, you can't stop the Rhino/You can't take away what I know.

I named it Rhino, in part because it looks like one, in part because my kids are watching Bolt incessently (Rhino is the hamster in the bubbler – fearless), and also because its a great song by a long underappreciated band, The Buzzhorn.

I had every intention of buying a Thorax instead of the Vexor.  It could mine more, hit harder, and looks sweeter, but it was also alot more expensive.  And because of that, it fell beyond the principle of, “If you can’t afford to lose it, don’t buy it.”  It worked out well, as I have been able to kit the Vexor out to comparable mining levels, while loving its insane drone capacity.  Have I mentioned that I love drones?

Oh and did I mentioned I claimed my first cruiser kill as well?

Frigates that make you go boom!
Frigates that make you go boom!

So that’s all for now.  Expect the next post to be MMO Design related though…bwahahahaha—