Meme I: MMO Firsts

I have a full MMO Design post on humor I’m cooking up, but its not quite done.  I have a problem where I write too much.  So now I have to go back and cut it down.

So instead, stolen from a long line of blogs, but most recently from Stylish Corpse, here is my very first blog meme:

First MMO Played?  Everquest: Online Adventures. 

For those unfamiliar with this “little” MMO, it was the PS2 version of EQ, and though I could be wrong, I still think its the biggest virtual world I’ve ever played in.

First Character Class/Role Played?  Magician

The first EQ thing I owned was actually the White Wolf d20 PnP version that I bought just before I had surgery.  I spent the next month in the recliner recovering from surgery and absorbing Everquest into my being, and I wanted more than anything to play a Magician.  The ability to summon things, to be this virtual utility kit, was fascinating.  While the EQOA version of the class was not quite the same, I still loved it.

First MMO Subscribed For More Than A Consecutive Year? Everquest: Online Adventures

I did it for 14 months I think before quitting and then coming back again.  I went back again for a month last fall with my Sony Station Pass, and still enjoyed it, despite being sad about how empty its become.  The only other one I’ve done for a year was WoW.

First MMO You Fell In Love With? Everquest: Online Adventures

I wrote stories, did guild duties, logged in with discipline to play at least an hour, sometimes 7 or 8, every night. 

First Guild You Really Felt Attached To? The Regulators

Of Ferran’s Hope in EQOA.  Though not my first guild, which I eventually became the head of (with all of its 14 members!), it was the first guild where it felt like family.  Since then I’ve found good homes among several games, but none like the Reg’s.

First Character/Game You Leveled To End Cap? Exactly none.

I’ve never hit level cap, even in the ridiculously easy to level Shadowbane.  Somethine always gets me off track.  But more than that I just don’t feel a strong urge to get to a cap.  Most of what I want to do in a game comes from before the cap.  If I ever do get there though, I won’t be raiding, I’ll probably spend all my free time helping lower levels, given how often people did that for me.

First “Wow” Moment In A MMO? While its tempting to copy Ysharros and say the first time I logged in (the EQ theme still gets my heart going to this day), I’d have to say it was sitting on the edge of some mountains, cloaked by a simple invisibility spell (with a random duration no less!) looking out over a valley of dragons in EQOA.  It was just stunning, and I’ve loved exploring ever since.  Bonus:  My most recent was Vanguard,  coming down off the cliff starting area to see Khal at sunrise.  *That* one took my breath away.

First MMO You Burned Out On? Everquest: Online Adventures

I think I died along with my guild, but the starting point was with the expansion and its graphics “update” and the final death knell was when Magicians got their pets nerfed below Necro’s.  It was already tough to find a spot in a party vs. Enchanters with their power refreshing spells and the Necro with its resurrection spell.  Our catch was supposed to be our powerful pets.  And then they took that away.

First MMO You Followed Avidly Prior To Launch? Vanguard

Oddly enough, since at the time it was the “hardcore” game and I was the casual player doing time in WoW.  Partly it was Keith Parkinson’s artwork, and partly because if the designer-whose-name-must-not-be-spoken had actually pulled off what he was envisioning, it would have been pretty amazing.  Most recently WAR, because I had never been in a game *at launch* and I wanted that experience.

First Time You Felt Truly Noobish In A MMO?  I’ve never not felt noobish.  Everyone seems to be one step or ten levels ahead of me, all the time.  And yet I still play.  Masochism?  Or is it just because its the closest I can get to what I want to experience? 

First MMO You Went Alt-Crazy In? I’m a certified Alt-aholic.

But the first was probably WoW.  I played every class to level 10 before I settled on one.  It didn’t help all that much, lol.   Moreso than EQOA where outside of some single nights of boredom, I really only had three chars: my main, and a tank alt.  I had a second alt that I went too after the Magician got nerfed – Bard.  But that was it.

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