Why *am* I leaving?

So I’m taking the LotRO Exit Survey, b/c I was once a research guy and know how helpful that can be, and they give me these options for why I’m canceling my sub – I have to pick one and can pick up to three:

   There aren’t enough live events
  I’m unhappy with recent changes to the game
  I don’t like the Crafting system
  I don’t like the way combat works
  I don’t have enough character customization options (traits, deeds)
  There isn’t true player vs. player combat
  I can’t find a fellowship to complete group quests
  I can’t afford a monhtly subscription
  Classes are not balanced
  I’ve maxed my character and there’s nothing left for me to do
  My friends have left for other games
  There aren’t enough raids
  I don’t like monster play as PvP
  I don’t like the user interface
  There aren’t enough dungeons
  I had a customer service issue (in-game) that I couldn’t get resolved
  I can’t find enough solo quests
  I don’t want to pay a subscription fee
  I had a technical problem I could not get resolved
  Instance loot is unrewarding
  There aren’t enough options in character generation
  I just don’t have time to play
  I don’t like the character animations


Honestly though that its none of those, and I can’t fit what I want to say in the box they give you for “additional comments.”  And the larger realization is – I really don’t know why I’m leaving.  I don’t particularly hate LotRO for anything, and I don’t think they’ve really delivered a subpar product in any way, but…

I just don’t know.  I’m tempted to say the lore of the world, just as my first gut reaction.  I’m still playing EVE, and my brother is angling for Pirates of the Burning Sea (or maybe EQ2 as a concession to me).  Meh.

One intriguing thing came out of this.  One of the later questions was, what would make you come back?  And the only box I checked – micro transactions.  The truth is that I want to play about 5 games right now, and I’d be happy to give them all $5 a month for some restricted version of the game to fit my time needs and desires.  But I can’t, and so I have to pick one (okay, two).

And so I’m sorry LotRO, but as it turns out, I’m fickle, and this month, I’m moving elsewhere.