“Well, its pretty cool, but the pay sucks.”

Yep, that’s what I had to say to my fleet as we were winding down my very first PvP op in EVE.

It started out good.  I was able to log in early last night, work done, kids in bed, wife sick (cold), house quiet.  Not five seconds after I log on comes a call from the head of our PvP corp for forming a fleet to clear the system we are trying to make our low-sec headquarters and some additional roving assault time.  I’ve been wanting to get my hands dirty for a while now, since my mining barge training finished up, so I immediately volunteered.   Despite having around 8 pilots ready to go, we had trouble filling the fleet roles.  So, two hours later…

We headed for our high-sec headquarters because there was no one left to clear out of the low-sec headquarters.  Which was good, because I had some doubts about our ability to take down a Chimaera. :-p

There we picked up a couple of more people, as we would continue to do through the next 3 hours.  I think we ended up with 3 battleships, 2 battlecruisers, 2 cruisers, and 2 frigates, including, bless him, a pilot from a corp we had good standings with who loaned us some of his time, and more importantly, his Buzzard, so we had a proper scout.  Previously our scout had been our only experience tackler, who had a cheap frigate apparently jury rigged with brass cajones who threw himself into low sec systems a jump in front of us!

Not that it mattered.  In three hours, we tracked a cloaked cruiser that we finally realized had taken refuge at a player owned station bigger than we could handle, an Orca who did the same in another system.  Just before we logged we did catch a blinky red Myrmidon coming the wrong way through a two gate system we were in, but with only one tackler…well, we got some shots in but he basically gate hopped us silly until we were so spread out we got worried he was doing it on purpose while he called his own fleet in to catch up strung out.

So my PvP statistics for the night:

Materials:  Expended 4 rounds of ammunition, gained…nothing

ISK: Spent 1.5 million insuring my Vexor, gained…nothing

Time spent:  5.5 hours

Verdict:  If this is PvP, I’ll pass.  It was cool doing the hunting and seeing our 10+ ships warping together, but I see more action from rats while mining, and at least then I can make a couple of million.

How the hell to PvP players even afford the ships they’re flying?