Tower, this is Ghostrider requesting a flyby.

So, I got my assignment and training orders last night.

Negative Ghostrider, the pattern is full.

Yep, its interceptor time in the world of EVE.

In talking to our PvP head and the head of my own corp, who is also the head of the alliance, this is what we came up with.  It wasn’t hard, given our fleet experience from the other night.  It was clear that there is a difference between kitting ships to tackle and having a tackler.  And we needed a tackler.  And since I was open to any role, and this will take me less than a month to train, and since I can afford the craft…

Its Taranis time baby.

The EVE Wiki entry on the ship says the tag line should be: 

You fly Taranis. A fight starts. Someone dies.

I like that.  And I also enjoyed that I will be doing what I did for the fleet the other night: hopping from belt to belt and planet to planet tracking down those in local that need whacking.  And since I’ll be flying Taranis’ (and Ares’) I’ll be able to put some serious firepower on them as well – more actually, than I had available to me on the Vexor the other night.

This will be a nice niche I think.  Drone carriers for my mission running, barge for mining, and interceptor for PvP work.  A nice little dichotomy.  A division of labor.

My only concern is that I’m still not sure how everyone is raking in the cash they are.  Is it high level missions?  The truth is that without industrial support, it would take me a good week or two to replace any interceptor I lost!  That can’t be right can it?

Meh.  Also, coming tomorrow, a look back on this little site’s nine month history, and a little more chance to be interactive with the posts here…