Name Fail

Ever flubb your name in an MMO and then have to beg the developers and customer service to let you change it?  And they probably didn’t because they’re hard noses about it and have other things to do, etc. etc.

Well dont feel bad.  Apparently dorky gamers aren’t the only ones who sometimes don’t quite get their names right:

The NFL had agreed to let the player formerly known as Chad Johnson wear his new name on the back of his jersey this season. There’s one catch for the receiver: It’s not exactly how he wanted it.

Instead of Ocho Cinco, he’ll be Ochocinco.

The league has agreed to let him wear his new name this year, but it will be rendered as “Ochocinco” because that’s how he wrote it when he submitted his name-change form in Florida.

“It’s his legal name,” AFC information manager Corry Rush said Thursday.