Great Posts IV: Why Alliances Fail

Of course this also covers why guilds fail too, but it was written very well and without alot of the bitterness that creeps into other posts of a similar nature.  Have a read:

Securitas Protector, EVE – Mag

The only thing I’m not sure about it punishing people for not doing alliance fleet ops. Of course I’ve never been involved in the wholesale takoever or defense of a region.  We can’t even seem to lock down a long system by ourselves, so Liberty’s stakes were obviously much higher.

But I do think this is where assigning people roles in the corp or alliance can be helpful.  Or perhaps a schedule – Alliance members commit to patrol in fleet one night a week, etc.   I have a feeling long term players of EVE are people who have to take some initiative on their own to continue to advance and enjoy the game.  So I am loathe to punish people who might be out doing just that.  But if you can harness those players who are still looking for direction by giving them some plans or corporate/alliance goals to be working towards…well.

Example:  I was mining last night.  I know my alliance wants to really crank industry up to help with PvP ship losses.  I’m happy to give to the cause…if I know what I should be giving and what its going for.   I could turn over a blanket amount, but I’m not to that point of trust in our leadership yet.  However, to hear: “hey we’re trying to crank out a line of battlecruisers to improve our pvp wing, please donate 10% of your refined ore to the corp hanger” or something along those lines…well that draws the alliance in closer and gives me a purpose and a warm fuzzy about my help.  Which in turn equates to me sticking around longer.

Anyway, enough rambling.  I expect to start some industry this week, so expect a post soon about my first industrial cash influx…or lack thereof.  (-: