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I’m not anywhere near being done with a guide on any one subject yet, but one tidbit I’ve picked up that I’ve noticed pilots with more experience with me still didn’t know about was the use of mining lasers and stip miners.

Miners are the only component I know of that all you to have partial success of an activation.

That is to say, if you turn your miner off and on, it does not pulse the same way an armor repair module or ECM does.  When you turn a mining module on, it begins to collect at the rate displayed under “Show Info” – and if you turn it off at any point during the cycle, it will give you a percentage load based on how much of the cycle it has been active for.

This is why I fit my Retriever with a scanner rather than an afterburner.  The afterburner is only useful once – getting to the roid cluster.  So it might save you some small time with that.  A scanner however, can save you minute after minute after minute.  Since strip miners have a long 3 minute cycle with a larger pull capacity, often you can turn off the miners halfway through their cycle and  save a minute or a minute and a half.

Example:  Veldspar has a volume of 1.0 0.1 and that makes our calculations simple, so lets do that.  Lets say you have a roid of Veldspar.  Lets say you have a Retriever, and you can haul in 1800 m3 per cycle of 180 seconds.  You start on a roid that has 44,000 units of Veldspar in it.

Knowing about partial lodes and armed with a scanner, you would need (44000/1800) x180 = 4400 seconds or 73.333 7.333 minutes.  If you had a burner and n knowledge, since strip miners have a 3 minute cycle, we have to round that up to the nearest 3 minute multiple, which is…75 9 minutes.

So we saved 1.67 minutes or 100 seconds on that one roid.  How many roids do you gobble up each night?  Saves some time doesn’t it?

One more thing – since partial loads work, when mining in low and null sec, don’t forget to  turn off your mining lasers before you warp out when hostiles enter the system.   If you dont turn them off, when you warp out, you will get nothing!  Being able to take a partial cycle with you eases some of the pain of having to leave! 

PS – Apologies for the lack of posting.  I have a partially free weekend – no kids, no wife, and little work.  You might think that would mean more posting, but what it really means is more time in game and thus…less time writing.  (-:


2 thoughts on “A Helpful Tip

  1. Naggoth

    Close! Veldspar actually has a volume of 0.1 m3, therefor just divide your results by 10, 7 minutes instead of 70.

    Other than the faulty volume that messed up your equation you’ve got it right. 🙂

    1. HarbingerZero

      Thanks Naggoth! I kept looking at that, going, man I chew through rock faster than that, don’t I? Well, now you can safely guess that I am not a math teacher. (-:

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