Love, Thy Name is Pyroxeres

So I’ve been running missions lately to improve my standing in our Alliance’s area of influence.  Since I’m Gallente, the Caldari agents didn’t like me too much, so I shifted one jump over and have been wooing the Minmatars.  Basically, I’m only doing this because it seems that many of our pilots who are veterans, when they need cash, are not mining – they are running high level missions.  So I’m trying to unlock my first level 2 agent.

I got to my first Minmatar storyline mission  and was excited until I saw that it raised my standings all of maybe .2 total.  And I need about 6 times that to open up the level 2 agent.  Which is alot of missions.  But hey, I’m dedicated, and I have nothing else to do until my interceptor training finishes up next weekend, so why not?

I pulled one about retrieving some tribal history lists, which was a cool touch, and trotted out the Rhino to bull my way through it.  Which I did in short order.  The second and final “room” of the mission had some nice roids in it though – including eight nice gorgeous Pyroxeres rocks, each with about 40k units in them.  This is a rare treat – I’ve been trying to get some industry going, but my blueprints call for Noxium, which I would have to buy…but if I could land these little heartbreakers… A rough calculation, which I stink at so it may be wrong, gave me a ballpark figure of 1200 Nox per roid,  a little under 10k total.  That would definetely do the trick for my initial run.  I warped one system over to home, grabbed my Retriever and headed for the acceleration gate – 35 km away from the deadspace entry point.  Oi.  I grabbed a magazine.

Sometime later, I finally hit the gate, clicked the magical button, and got an error message.

This Acceleration Gate is not equipped to handle your vessel.  Only the following ship types are allowed:

  • Frigates
  • Cruisers
  • Rookie Ships
  • Destroyers

Oh no….while I could kit the Vexor to mine almost as much per minute as the Retriever, even with T2 cargoholds, I couldn’t get in more than 1100 m3 per run.  Getting to station was easy, but every time I came back in I would have to cross the 35km to the gate in a cruiser.  Afterburner would help, but in deadspace, apparently you cannot microwarpdrive activate.   So it would take me hours to grab just the Pyro, even if I ignored everything else in there.

So I enlisted a friend, and we got everything together, ready for the monotony of it all!  And the system crashed.  Twenty minute wait.  I went back to the magazine.

Ah, good, we’re back on!  I warped in, started mining, ignored the CCP traffice advisory spam….and got that great notice about the system coming down in 5 minutes.  And I had half a can full already.  I thought I was going to cry or to punch someone.  Oosh.  So I load up what I can and go sliding into dock with a few seconds to spare.  Another twenty minutes wait, but I’m already nearly an hour past bedtime, and its my turn to get the kids up for school.  I try it, but I’m asleep on the board within 10 minutes.  Glumly, with an imaginary phantasmic trumpet playing taps over my shoulder, I stumble up the stairs for bed.

::sigh:: My lovely Pyroxeres, one day, one day soon, I will come for you, and it will be worth the wait.  Until then sweety, keep rockin’.

(Ha! Get it? An asteroid…rock-ing?  OMG I’m so pathetic.  I bet the Pyro won’t even go back out with me now)…


One thought on “Love, Thy Name is Pyroxeres

  1. Naggoth

    And THAT is why you need to unlock L2 & 3 agents, they don’t care so much what you mine the missions in 😛

    I’ve gotten some nice L3 missions that have had 100+ veldspar asteroids.. each containing 30-50k ore… needless to say I got a couple friends together and we rocked (hur hur, punny) that field for a solid 2 hours.. with 3 hulks and my little covetor, we only managed to mine a quarter of the total asteroids before sleepiness set in.

    The best missions are the ones that don’t have deadspace gates, where you can warp directly to the ‘roids. Otherwise your hauler can get fed up rather quickly. 🙂

    Still, if you’re hurting for pyroxeres try to find a nice “quiet” system of less than 40 people to do your mining in. Higher chance of intact belts and lower chances of can flippers.

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