The Gathering Storm

“No sooner did the traitors discover their approach than they ‘skiddaddled’, (a phrase the Union boys up here apply to the good use the seceshers make of their legs in time of danger).”

~ New York Tribune, 10 August 1861

I’ve long pondered what type of corp we are, with our stunningly mixed variety of players.  We have a PvP corp, and an industrial corp within our alliance, but what are we?  I decided last night that we are an Espionage corp.  I swear, while communication within the alliance is spotty at best, we have all sorts of communication going on outside the alliance.

Somehow one of our guys learned (and I don’t know how he learned, and I don’t want to know how) that the pocket of space we have been in, a high sec pocket with  low sec wings coming off of it, was about to get “shut down.”  See that high sec pocket is kind of an island off the beaten path, and was a nice home where there was relative peace.  But recently the pirate activity has grown more….bold.  And apparently several of the pirate corps have started to lay down the jaws of a trap.  A divide and conquer to lock down the edges of that high sec pocket and bleed it dry.our corp is watching you

So the order came down almost immediately…we were pulling out.  A full alliance regroup, several systems away.  A giant stockpile of warp core stabilizers appeared in the corp hanger.  Scout patrols were organized.  Ore was unloaded on the market.

We skedaddled.  The quote above is, according to teh internetz, the first printed use of the word, which has a origin as shrouded in mystery as our intelligence service is.  The move has been a mixed blessing for me.  The good news is that we have moved to a more accessible system, and my profits from selling salvage has gone up as a result.  The downside is that when we unloaded on the market, we dried up the buy orders, and so the vast majority of my interceptor fund, which I will need in about 4 days here, is stuck in a place where I can only get 1.00 ISK per unit for it, and which is surrounded by several bloodthirsty pirate corps.

The main question I think we all have is how this will effect our efforts to aid Ethereal Dawn.  While a number of our combat pilots put jump clones down there, that will only hold them for so long, and we have lost our direct jump bridges connections behind a wall of reds.  Which makes me wonder if perhaps this wasn’t a pirate move, but a war manuever.

If so, the “skedaddle” term applies better than any of us realized.Searching for Home