When to Leave

Thank you all for hanging tight over the weekend.  We were told we would have internet access over the weekend, and we did, but only in a place where I couldn’t get to.  And my hotel room, in a shocker, wanted $15 a day for internet access, or you know, 50 cents a minute in the Renaissance, thy name art Failbusiness center.  So let me take a minute to let Renaissance hotels know:  I will never be staying with you again!

It was a mixed blessing to be gone over the weekend though.  First it meant I missed my last few days of Pirates of the Burning Sea with my brother.  My renewal date was Sunday, and I will be gone most of this month (don’t worry, the other places I’m going, I know I have access and the ability to update regularly).  And unlike EVE, my privateer doesn’t continue to level while I’m gone.  I’ll be back in July though, probably with a station pass to indulge my Everquest 51/50 crave (anyone else hear strains of Stone Sour when they say that?).

Acer did though, and interceptor training is complete!  But it was bittersweet.  Two of my corpmates that I came in with, one of whom was my closest friend and most common flying companion in the game, are now both gone from the corp.  One was headed down the pirate PvP path, and I envy him for having found his niche in the game so early.  The other quit the corp when our corp and alliance mates griefed him by placing bounties on his head so large he got podded this weekend – twice.

Which has left me a little discombobulated in the game.  When I was on the verge of leaving my corp before, it was that friend who took me under his wing, helped me with cash, knowledge, and direction.  Add to that the fact that our 2iC just bowed out indefiniately for RL issues, and outside of the evac order, our CEO has communicated with his corp and alliance just once in the last month.  And that I still have none of the classes, at-cost ship programs, or free skill books that I was promised when I joined.

Honesty time:  I can’t remember when I have ever left a guild in game before.  And I’ve been playing MMO’s….um….six years now I guess.  I’m always the last one out the door holding everything together with a smile and duct tape.

So whats the trigger for me?  When do I make that calculated decision: this guild and I are not headed in the same direction?

One of the speakers I heard this weekend shared a phrase with us that roughly  translated, The EVE Learning Cliff, in Reversemeant “How beautiful are the guests who know when it is time to leave.”  Have you left a guild before?  How did you know when it was time?  What triggered it for you, or pushed you over the edge?

Until then, I’ll keep plodding along.  And for now, the next training goal is solely my own:  gettin’ ready to fly that recent vanity purchase!


2 thoughts on “When to Leave

  1. I’ve left a corp before. Once I left when I felt I was too newb to be able to survive in 0.0, especailly after I lost a Raven trying to get into 0.0 to rat with.

    The second time I left a corp to help start a new corp on the ground floor. Sometimes you just gotta move on, no hard feelings.

    Don’t stick around in a dysfunctional situation man, get out cleanly and move on.

  2. What Kirith said. In my limited experience, if you think it’s time to move on then it probably is. If it can be done without hard feelings, all the better, but that’s not always possible.

    Guild/Corp membership is a two-way thing; if one side feels the other isn’t living up to its commitments and *won’t* live up to them within a reasonable time, they have every right to leave.

    Which makes me half-smile — most people don’t give a crap what a guild will or won’t think, they just move on and do whatever is right for *them* in that particular second of playtime. Bleah.

    I’d rather be tortured by doubt about my guild than be the selfish bastage, even if it’s a less comfortable playstyle.

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