The Long Road to Nowhere

“It was my habit either to go myself,with one or two men, or to send scouts, to find out some weak and exposed place in the enemy’s lines. I rarely rested for more than one day at a time. As soon as I knew of a point offering a chance for a successful attack, I gathered my men together and stuck a blow. From the rapidity with which these attacks were delivered and repeated, and the distant points at which they were made, a most exaggerated estimate of the number of my force was made.”

~ Col. John S. Mosby, Mosby’s War Reminiscenses

So I finally discovered that which I crave, the complete mix of utility and power that is indicative of the style of character classes I prefer to play in MMO’s.  I mean, for the short term, obviously anything drone related, and in particular the Arbitrator and its variants hold a true charm for me.  Drones can be carried for a number of different occasions from logistics to ewar to tackling to dps.  For this reason, I figured I would be headed, long term, to be a carrier and then mothership pilot.  But I have realized as I’ve played the game that carriers tend to be the “medics” of EVE – concerned with logistics, triage, and “buffing” other ships by assigning them fighters.  There is nothign wrong with that, but its not how I imagined myself engaging in space warfare.  I wanted something different.  And last night, as I worked more on my ultra top secret industry plans, it hit me.  I knew what the new long term goal would be.

Black Ops!Blacker than Black

Stealth, calling in hot drops, sitting behind enemy lines, packing insane firepower and, if I went with the Sin, a horde of various drones to do my bidding.  Or with my new cross-training in Amarr styles, a true ammo-less guerilla, the Redeemer.

So set up EVEMon and starting seeding a skill plan.  Now I’ve learned a little about what I call “skill chains” – what leads you into what, skillwise, within the game.  Simplest example – you have to have Frigate IV before you can train Cruiser I.  Etc.  And since I nearly keeled over from impatience the 3+ weeks it took me to train Interceptors, and since it would take me a good 4+ months to train the skills for a Black Ops ship (and probably more than that to afford one and a good fit for it), I wanted to see what I could open up along the way as stepping stones for my goal.

And the problem is, that there is none.  While Black Ops might prep you for the world of capital No Black Ops For Youships, outside of cloaking and battleships, there is nothing below them in the chain that training would open up.  So, battleships, which I could have trained…87 minutes from now, and…that’s it.

So apparently Black Ops are meant as an afterthought to those training cap ships.  After all, if you are already in a dread, you’d only need a week or so to get Black Ops going.  That’s disappointing.  Shouldn’t Black Ops be a logical step up from Covert Ops, Stealth Bombers, and Force Recon ships?  Oh well, looks like for now, we’ll stick to smaller fish.


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