A New Breed of CSM

You may have seen this plog post by Scott Jennings or one similar to it on the same topic in this last week.  If you haven’t take a minute to read over it.


When I last checked the thread, earlier this week everyone had jumped on the bandwagon, rolling their eyes and decrying this particular customer service guys lack of patience and idiocy.

I couldn’t disagree more.

That is *exactly* what the forum moderators for MMO’s should be doing.  And if they need to back it up with the banhammer, by all means, do so.Its dangerous to go alone - Take this

The problem is that official game forums are, most of the time, filled with whiny snotty Veruca Salt clones who want what they just discovered today and they want it yesterday.

They think the game revolves around them and will crash without them, and they think that since they troll the forums the 3.683 hours each week that they can’t actually be playing, that they must be the true fan base that the company must listen to or else.

And so far as I know, not a single gaming company has ever, ever told them otherwise.

I understand the companies’ strategy with this:  give all the intolerable, insufferable players a place to congregate at where they are out of sight, out of mind.  And then give them just enough power to think that they have enough of it.  But that strategy is not a solution, and that place becomes a festering dungheap where Bad Things Happen, and where new players looking to make a decision about joining the game come, duck their head in, and run like hell for some other place where some tiny smidgeon of order and common sense might occasionally reign.Read it and use it people read it and use it

So fight fire with fire I say.  Might as well stir the pot and keep up the drama!  At least that way, they get interested and stay in their little corner instead of the rest of the game world where we’d like to be playing in peace without the plague of global chat.  Send in the most offensive and witty guys to run the forums.  Let them turn it into their own little private kingdom of complaints and nonsense into an organized tower of shady dealings.  At this point, it certainly couldn’t hurt any.  And lets face it, anyone mad enough to quit over a CMS forum mod reminding you of just who happens to be in charge of your favorite playground (hint: its not you) we probably don’t want in the game with us anyway, right?

Right.  So, give a round of applause to this latest CSM to “snap” and become a “bad guy.”  May his words and actions be enough to continue to get attention, and may others follow in his good footsteps, and not give anything to anyone who wines and acts like a spoiled child.  Your mama wouldn’t have it any other way, would she!?


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