As I spend this time in my self-inflicted gaming exile, I do so in a place that exhausts me on a daily basis, and I reflect on time away from the game.  I’ll be home for a day this weekend, but probably won’t have a chance to log in before I’m gone for another week.

And I wonder, what will the absense do?  Often when I’m gone, I pine for the game, and then when I get home, I just can’t seem to motivate myself to start it up and play.  Or I get it started and can’t get into the groove to do much of anything.  Will EVE make the cut and get over that hurdle?  I’ve never had a game where my character progressed and made money while I was gone, so there is a chance those things will be incentive to keep playing and not feel overwhelmed by lost time.

Speaking of, what about Pirates?  My brother is leveling his Freetrader up, but he’s already ahead with his Naval Officer?  Will I log back in and despair at what I’ve missed?  Will I remember the elaborate scheme of buildings and locations he had to puzzle out for us to be able to build even the most simple of ships?  And what about him?  Will he have lost interest in the game?  Will he have decided to move on?  Has not having anyone to play with diminished his game time any?

I don’t have the answer for any of these, but I am curious to see the results.  For now, I’m content to write about the things I enjoy in the time I have.  And now its time for bed.  Later kiddos…