Check your Station Account!

Those wacky SOE guys are at it again, giving away free playing time and not telling anyone. 

I was trying to get set up for the debut of the 51/50 server today, and postponed my Station Access Pass purchase when I realized I had a few more days of free Vanguard, along with a free month of Star Wars and two free weeks of Everquest II.

The catch for me is still how to work Everquest. I have an account and most of the expansions unlocked, but apparently no longer have the disc!  So I can’t install it on my computer.  Does that mean I have to rebuy the game from SOE in addition to reactivating my account?  I wanted to try the Epic play and support this little experiment, but I hate to rebuy something I technically already own.  Any tips?


3 thoughts on “Check your Station Account!

  1. I dunno about EQ, but with EQ2 once you’ve activated a copy on an account, it remembers that *on your account* details. When I reinstalled EQ2 recently, I couldn’t find my discs and just downloaded it, and all went well. Hope you sorted it out!

    1. HarbingerZero

      Where did you download it from? I can’t seem to find a spot on the Station page to do that from.

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