Holy Giant Experience Leaps Batman

So I spent last night patching EQ2, and it kept hanging and forcing me to restart.  But it finally went through, and I logged in early tonight to get in some free EQ2 time.

I found my Necromancer on the beach in Nektulos, just shy of level 31, and decided to level him before seeking new territories to explore.  My pet looks shorter than I remember

I decide just to grind a few lowbie pirates until I get the hang of my combat skills again, remembering what orders and triggers and what does what.  Especially with some things having been renamed and the new Apprentice – Grandmaster specializing options (kudos to the dev team on both of those by the way, good stuff).

So I target a pirate, hit her with my opening spell, my pets, and even a little dagger action, and she dies.  And I went from being nearly done with level 30 to being 38% through level 31.  I’ve checked all the boards and game updates and I have no idea what is going on.   I logged back in, and killed more peeps and got more XP than I think I should have, but still nowhere near that leap.  Anyone with any insight, hit me up!

I also have no idea what that little black circle window thingy is either.


5 thoughts on “Holy Giant Experience Leaps Batman

  1. The black circle window thingy is the threat meter, if you mean the one with the crossed swords behind it? Not much use in solo play. 😉

    And dude, EQ2! What server?

    As for the xp leap, they did flatten the xp curve a fair bit. When I came back, most of my chars had that happen to them too, as I recall. And yes, xp is easier to come by these days. (Thank god for underachieving fighty types like me!)

    1. HarbingerZero

      I had a feeling it was something like that, but I couldn’t find it in the game notes anywhere. A threat meter eh? That’s handy!

      I’m on Blackburrow atm, but I wouldn’t mind switching over if it meant having people to play with! Where are you at?

      1. Lucan DLere, along with Pete (Dragonchasers), his better half Angela, my worse half, and a few others who may or may not stay — as well as some lovely new people I’ve met through Ang’s guild.

        I think Stargrace and Tipa and several others are on Antonia Bayle, the other RP server.

        On the whole I prefer the RP servers — RP isn’t mandatory (I don’t, online, but I never get in the way of those who do), and the community is generally more mature, friendly and helpful.

  2. HarbingerZero

    Yeah I realized that too late in my WoW career to save it. (-: I would have done RP to start in EQ2, but this one friend really wanted me to play on his server….an all too common tale, eh?

    Character transfers are a little steep for my wallet ($50) but I wouldn’t mind rerolling, theres several classes I’d still love to try.

    1. I think I recently read somewhere about xfers going down to $25 (which is still pretty damned steep IMo) but don’t quote me. In any case, with the flattened xp curve it’s not that hard these days — if *I* can level (and I have, a little, my fury has somehow gone from 36 to 55 without me actually trying to level her), anyone can.

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