Escape to Norrath = Everquest?

So I’m still trying to figure out this EQ delim…dalim…problem.  So I’m off today, and I’m scouring the website while the baby sleeps (because when she is awake, she is way to cute to ignore) trying to find a solution.  And I’m checking the EQ trial pages – and there is only one EQ trial, Escape to Norrath, a limited, ten level, not on any server, special trial.  So there’s no way, right?

But then I read the fine print beneath (I’m good at that, I shoulda been a lawyer I guess):

If you currently have an EverQuest subscription or Station Access account, you already have access to these files and do not need to download these files. If you do not have EverQuest installed on your machine you may visit the Upgrade to EverQuest page to download Trilogy.

Well, well, well.  This is what I need.  So I follow the link…and discover that I was all wrong.  Escape to Norrath is also the Everquest Trilogy client!

Of course I’m hoping that since my account has additional expansions enabled, I’ll be able to get to them.  Especially since I don’t know where the new 51/50 server starts you out at.  But we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

ETA:  I’m reading several blogs that are indicating that free game time is being handed out as incentive to rock the 51/50 server and keep it full…so I checked my account page again, and no love this time.  Strange.  They give you free stuff and don’t tell you, and then they tell you they will give you free stuff and don’t.

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