Oh hell no.

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I’m trying to make that toughest of decisions about what character to play on Lucan D’Lere, in hopes of  having, you know, people to play with.  But not Ysharros, because, you know, she isn’t into that. (Just kidding!  Heh…no seriously, don’t hurt me! ::runs::)

So anyway, I decide to do a Shadowknight, and when getting myself familiar with the ability list again, I start to twitch.  They didn’t.  Tell me they didn’t make the same mistake again.  They did.  They took away the Shadowknight’s pet.

See, when EQOA came out, many of us were surprised at some of the changes to the classes, given that this was just supposed to be EQ on the PS2.  But the EQOA Shadowknight had no undead pet.  The outcry was strong.  That was a trademark of the class, something that made it unique and made it stand out from the other tanks, and especially stand out from the Paladin.  They both got something from outside their archetype right?  Pally’s eventually get a raise, SK’s eventually get a pet.  It was part of what defined them.

The outcry was strong enough that when they launched the first EQOA expansion six months later, they added a pet back in for the Shadowknight.  Sure it was a buffing pet, and you had to wait to epic to get it, but dangit, at least it was an option!  Here in EQ2, it was a “limited pet” but at least, again, it was something!  But we don’t learn from our mistakes! Oh no…that would be smart!

Listen up: the pet was the only reason I play a Shadowknight.  Because without that, there is no reason for me to do it instead of one of the other tanks.  Does the Shadowknight get a Rez or Heals? No.  Dual wield? No.  So what do they get?  What’s their cool bonus ability?  Why are we determined to make them less unique and more like every other tank out there?

So thanks SOE, thanks alot.  You’ve managed to piss me off royally.  And I was *this* close to resubbing.  *This* close.



2 thoughts on “Khhaaannnn!

  1. People to stalk (me): Fairuza, Lissom, Toccata, Cordelia, Ecchymosa, Kalliste.

    Shout out!

    As for SK… I keep making them, I keep wanting to like them… but I don’t, really. Dunno why. They’re probably just not my thing.

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