Just One More Thing…

Oh wow, I am sooooooo tired.  It’s pre-7am here, which is early anyways, especially since it is my day off.  But even more so because I didn’t go to bed until post-2am.   Its fine though, because this is what gamers *live* for!

Yes, it is.  Those nights where you can’t quit, where you just have to do one more thing.  I’ve got to complete this quest series!  Just a few more silver gold platinum dollars* and I can buy that horse! I’ve got to help Ralph ding – she’s so close!**

For me last night it was a combination of things.  An epiphany of how to set up my hotbars to make the Dirge a hell of a lot more playable (sorry Ysh, didn’t see you on).   And then I had to mess around with a Guardian class some.  One of these days I’ll find a new tanking class that I like (well, the Vanguard Pally is okay, but…), or maybe one of these days I’ll stop alt hopping.

After that, it was already late, but I had to jump in to see about EVE.  I can’t tell you much about the wormhole operation we did, other than I brought a cruiser to a battleship fight, but, I got some kudos for showing up, and maybe a few more for the unique fit I’ve been using on it, which involves using BFG‘s FTW.  It worked so well that last night I went looking for a bigger BFG to put on it.

And then I decided I needed to began the process to get myself a battlecruiser, so that I would have a respectable firepower ship for fleet ops.  I spent a good hour trying to decide which one to go for, and also to decide whether or not I should buy it outright or get a BPC (a 15 jump transit).  And so I also decided to buy another 4 million in skill books (another 8 jump transit).  I’m neck deep in Amarr space at this point, a good 30 jumps from home.  But then a corp mate, when I mention my location, says that this reminds him he still wants to buy an Armageddon.   And there just happens to be a cheap max run BPC of that lying another 15 jumps away.  And at this point, what’s another 15 jumps?  Especially since it means I know where my next 50 million will be coming from to fund all the new goodies I’m still eyeballing.

So anyway, long story short, I’m tired, but I feel alive this morning.  That’s what a good gaming session will do for you.


* – because here at HZero, we don’t jump on the blogging bandwagon, we make fun of it.  Repeatedly.

** – Every pet I’ve ever had in a game I’ve named Ralph.  I even have a full series of awesome taunting macros that go along with it.  Ralph has crossed gender lines on occasion, and most recently has taken the form of an undead froglok knight.  Because EQ2 Necromancers have a weird sense of humor.


One thought on “Just One More Thing…

  1. Heh, wasn’t on last night — we had a 2+ hour powercut and sat outside wondering what this blue thing overhead was and thanking the Elder Gods for the fact that the sun had mostly gone down when it happened. Losing your air-conditioning on 100+ days ain’t fun!

    I keep meaning to do a page on my blog listing my various chars, but RL has intervened thus far. Maybe I’ll do it once the current crisis is past.

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