Dragging My Feet

So I’m still a little unclear on this whole move to nullsec thing.  We got the word about making a move some 30 jumps away, our last hi-sec staging area before the move.  When I say we got the word, what I really mean is someone told me by word of mouth we were moving to one system.  Or this other system if we wanted.  Simultaneously, none of our three (!) websites had announcements on them.  And to top if off, a day later when the official announcement actually came down via in game mail, if wasn’t for either of the systems I had previously been told to move to.  See why I’m nervous about this?

So I’m dragging my feet.  I spent last night happily mining.  In part its because I have no idea how to prepare for nullsec.  I read one guide I found yesterday which was…pretty useless.  I don’t know what to bring and what to leave behind, if I’m ready skillwise to handle it, etc.  And as usual, my questions have gone unanswered.  Any advice from the peanut gallery out there?

The other reason I spent last night mining was I thought maybe I would put together one of the Armageddons, complete the switch to energy weapons, pack up what I could that I thought might be useful, and leave everything else behind.  I do not want to do multiple trips this time around.  One of the veteran combat pilots is making probably close to a dozen trips altogether, to move his eight combat ships and various other crap with him.   I just figured I’d mothball my two ships:  I wasn’t sure how well the Arbitrator would do in nullsec combat, and the Rifter is so easy to make I can put one together from scrapmetal.

There’s other stuff brewing too, but I can’t really talk about it right now.  If it breaks like I think its going to though, its going to a) happen in the next 24 hours, b) be insanely overdramatic and c) make a great blog post.  ::evil chuckles:: 

If you have some advice, or want to weigh in on this move to nullsec you know what to do…


One thought on “Dragging My Feet

  1. If somebody were to make up a sort of guide, even a short one, on this subject (saying this with the knowledge that none currently exist), I’d be interested to see it myself as I’m about to make roughly the same type of move. Just that I’ll soon be joining an already established 0.0 corp. I’m familiar with how to survive in nullsec (there’s a lot of guides out there for that besides my own experiences), but what to do in preparation for your first move out, I’m completely at a loss for.

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