Late Nights

So last night, RL wasn’t too kind to me.  In fact, it was pretty crappy.  So I was glad to see my brother’s name on the cell phone, calling for some Pirate Time ™.  But as you know by now – not in EVE.  We only play pirates in the age of sail.  So out came the card and in went the PotBS subscription again.  I had every intention of doing a full on Station Pass, and probably still will next month with some birthday cash, but…truth is, I never was able to find a groove in EQ2, and I had my hands full with EVE, so two games should be enough to hold me for now.

We had fun, clearing out the quests in New Orleans and getting back in the groove of things.  Find a ship is getting to be the hard part.  Theres only so many level 25-30 missions you can tackle with a level 17 fall back ship.  My brother being 8 levels ahead of me helps, but even he has a frigate a good bit below his level.  And even 8 levels up, I’m still usually the boarding ships (for any number of reasons, but mostly because grenades rules).  Last night I sat toe to toe in my Hermes fallback trying desperately to get my crew ratio high enough to board the Cerberus next to me.  It wasn’t pretty.

We closed up our session when I glitched out – again, for the umpteenth time.  It has something to do with bumping the coastline I think, but…oosh, it does not make me happy.  But then RL hit me again, so I trumped downstairs at half past midnight with a bottle of rum and a fierce desire to mine asteroids.

And apparently I should drink while I mine more often.  In what seemed like no time, I was awash in tritanium.  I’m really starting to wonder if I shouldn’t make go ahead and make that push to battleship.  Meanwhile, the corp continues to flounder on the shores of 0.0, desperate to get in.  Our CEO told us yesterday, among other things, that he was not worried about our numbers, because once we got our 0.0 space, we would have “literally hundreds of applications.”  I can’t really argue, because I haven’t been there yet, but as usual I’m skeptical.  Besides, what percentage of those are going to be spies!

I’ll post again tonight with screen shots that will answer the poll (as of this writing, we have a 6 way tie in the voting).  I had intended to bring them with me to work, but forgot them at home this morning.  You can blame me if you want, but I blame the rum.