Late As Usual

I know I promised an aswer to the poll last night, but I had other things that took precedence.  But better late than never, right?

Anyway, I settled on a Battlecruiser that:

  • I already had prequisite training for
  • Gave me a versatility of loadouts
  • Good survivability
  • Looked awesome
  • And was cheap

And this is where I landed:


I chose it for alot of reasons really:

  • The Prophecy was easy to build – it requires no noxcium, so I only had to buy the megacyte and zydrine I was short.  I mined the rest here or there or during missions.  The end result cost me 6.2 million.  A pretty good bargain
  • Because the Prophecy has no inherent damage bonuses, it can fit just about any type of loadout.  I can continue to play around with artillery fits (I love the insane damage multiplier), or switch to energy weapons to solve my ammo issues.
  • The drone bay allows for a full spread of five drones.   I wish it was a little larger, but in truth, thats why I have the Arbitrator, and I’m a little tired of drones at the moment anyway.
  • There is a launcher hardpoint – this is really what kept me away from the Gallente ships – I wanted to be able to have some flexibility on damage or to fit an anti-frigate weapon if I switched to non-combat drones.
  • I prefer at this point to armor tank, and its where my skills lie.  The Prophecy’s built in bonus for this was nice, along with its full complement of low slots to play with.


Of course, there’s lots of other battlecruisers on the market, and probably a few that are just outright better (the Drake is insanely popular I noticed, along with the Myrmidon).  But this is where I landed, and we’ll see where it takes me.

On the poll – the Harbinger gathered the most number of votes!  Probably because of the name relationship – and I would have gone there, except – no launchers, and the thing is almost as ugly as the Caldari ships are.  Plus it was much more expensive.  Congrats to the one and only person who picked the Prophecy!  If I knew who you were, I’d give you a prize…