Top Five Things in EVE I Still Need to Learn

5) Probes – I have no idea how to even begin to probe.  I guess I need to buy a launcher and a ship and try it out.  But in truth, I’m not even sure I know what I’m looking for.  Somehow though, it involves the Archeology skill, and that’s awesome.

4) Reasearch and Invention – I know there are agents for it, but as to how they work and who can use them…

3) Low Sec Ratting – last time I tried this, I was assured my Vexor was plenty tough enough.  I warped out a few minutes later short a few drones and with red hashes all the way into my structure.  Clearly I’m missing something here.

2) What Roid Goes Where – I found out this weekend that one can mine Nocxium in hi sec after all.  Go figure.

1) And the #1 thing I still need to learn in EVE  – How To Make Money.  How is that people with characters a month older than mine have, withoyt PLEXing, managed to make hundres of millions of ISK, when I still have yet to break the 40 million mark?  Heck, I’m not even close to 40 anymore after building the Prophecy and some related purchases…

Maybe I need to take a break and give that 2 week Conan return a whirl.


9 thoughts on “Top Five Things in EVE I Still Need to Learn

  1. halka

    Probing involves astrometrics, not archaeology 🙂

    Modules called analyzers require astronomy skill, and are used to crack open some ancient crates or somesuch (don’t really know, never tried that; and considering you first have to probe out these sites…).

  2. naggoth

    Probing: you need just one skill, astrometrics, to begin your adventures in probing. However, join the Exploration channel in game and you may hear tales of those who decided adventuring in wormhole space was just what they wanted to do… without the proper support skills.

    At the minimum you’ll want Astrometric Rangefinding to help find sites, especially if you decide to go WH exploring.

    Archaeology on the other hand deals with things you find via probing. At magnetometric sites you’ll run across ‘cans’ or ‘wrecks’ that will need a analyzer module or salvager module to open.

    At Radar sites you’ll find cans that require codebreaker modules to open, and they require the Hacking skill.

    Gravimetric sites are ‘hidden’ asteroid fields, and Ladar sites are Gas clouds. Unknown can be either combat sites, which you should be able to find with no problem, or Wormholes.

    Research and Invention:
    Research by itself deals with making BPOs more cost effective. If you purchased that Prophecy BP from a player you’d probably notice it has some ‘Material Efficiency’ research already done on it. This does exactly what it sounds like, makes it require fewer materials to construct. It may also have some ‘Production Efficiency’, which makes it build faster.
    Both of these have certain plateaus where more research would just be a waste of time and money.

    Invention is a can’o’worms that I’ve not dealt with… I seem to remember Wilheim2451 posting some on it, though I may be mistaken. If all else fails, there are quite a few good guides out there that deal with all that and more 🙂

    Low Sec Rating: haven’t done it, I’m strictly a high-sec carebear 😛 Anything lower than 0.5 scares me 🙂 … except for the occasional wormhole.

    What Roid Goes Where: I refer you to two very useful links: and by extension

    those two in tandem should help with your ore needs 🙂

    how to make money: god if I know. I’m still eking out a living via missioning… it works, if slowly. If you manage to find a good get rich quick scheme, aside from the random scam, I’d love to read it 😉

  3. M F

    If you are short of ISK, you probably havent learned how to salvage. Do so, and salvage after your missions…and watch your ISK pile grow.

    1. HarbingerZero

      Heh, I’ve been salvaging from day one of this game thanks to a tip from a friend. Heck I even salvaged during the tutorial arcs. But the truth is this is not a magic bullet – either you get a good piece of salvage, and net an extra 200k, or you get a few decent pieces and net an extra 40-60k, or you get the crap pieces that you have to sell in stacks of 50 or so to keep from taking a loss.

      Thanks halka and naggoth for the tips and links. Looks like I have a new project for the coming weeks. Gotta love the sandbox…

  4. Tavi

    The research agents become available just like regular agents as you increase your standing with their corporation. You can begin research in specific areas like laser physics, electronic engineering, basically those science skills that don’t lend themselves to anything other than research/invention. You accumulate research points (RPs) which can then be used to purchase datacores for that specific area. The datacores are items that are needed by particular BPC’s in order to perform invention attempts on that BPC.

    If you look at the invention tab, it will tell you which datacores are necessary and how many are necessary.

    In addition to the necessary datacores, you can also use optional decryptors (found through some of those hacking sites I believe) which improve the chances of success OR the number of runs OR the material requirements, etc. But not without some drawbacks depending on the decryptor. Your skill level in the required science skills also affect your success chance.

    Invention is expensive and time consuming, but the rewards can be pretty good. It means giving a lot of skill points to science skills. That’s why I have an alt on a separate account that doesn’t have all the cool ship and gunnery skills of myprimary character.

  5. HarbingerZero

    Hmmm, is there any money to be had in the datacores themselves? Might be a way to generate some additional income for myself until I’m ready to dip my toes in the T2 industry.

    1. Tavi

      Actually, I have sold some of my datacores for a nice bit of change. Nice thing is that if you are not doing actual invention, you can just make your rounds every so often to ‘cash’ in those RPs, pick up your datacores and put them on the market. It’s pretty much zero risk depending on where you have access to those agents. Not a huge moneymaker but could be a nice steady stream of moderate cash. And one that takes very little time after the initial investment of skill training and missioning to achieve the agents’ required standings.

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