Mission Control

So my closest Alliance friend – okay, well friend, since his Corp was booted from the Alliance for failure “stfu and do what theyre told” (I’m paraphrasing there) – in the game of EVE and I have been working together to unlock these higher level missions.   I’ve suspected all along that these are the source of income that allows so many of our veteran combat pilots to recoup their loses quickly.  But we were bored of grinding and looting frigates, especially since I have a nice shiny new battlecruiser sitting in my hanger.

Well it turns out that my buddy already had access to level four missions, but only over in Minmatar space.  And when we realized that this might break the doldrums for us, and that we could probably handle them between his sniper fit Megathron and my CQB Prophecy.

We warmed up on a couple of level 3’s, and the money was good, but with both of us running it, they weren’t too challenging.  In fact, the hardest part was getting hits on all the little frigates running around.  So we decided to bite the bullet and try a level 4.  Now for some of you reading this, you probably solo level 4’s in your Drake and whatever, but this was my first time, and I had a blast!

We had to work for it.  And by work for it I mean, I tanked four Blood Angel battleships, three cruisers, and a frigate while he warped the Mega out for repairs.  I left the scene with 0% shields, 0% armor, and 6% hull (I’ll add some screencaps later tonight).  It don’t get much closer than that.  I probably should have bugged out earlier (obviously), but the experience was invaluable.  My Prophecy is cap stable even with its armor repper running, and I wanted to see how much of a beating it could take.  That’s a tough little nut, and I’m glad I picked it!

The highlight of the night for me though was late in the mission when he warped out again to repair, and I was left facing two Blood Angel battleships alone.  I popped one and tanked the other until he returned.  Watching that Apocalypse go BOOM gave me a pretty indescribable feeling.  Anyway, at the end of the night, I was 4 million richer, and had added a couple of nice pieces of named modules to my hanger, and as an added bonus, had a solid handful of zydrine and megacyte to put towards my own battleship construction. 

More importantly, I had fun.  Alot of fun.  It was challenging without being overwhelming, and I was in that sweet spot of gameplay where even if the Prophecy had gone down in flames,  Iwould have taken it with a grain of salt.  Its nice that EVE allows  you to do this – glimpse ahead to see what the rewards of the grind are.  And I’m all for it. 

Bonus EVE humor:  we were doing the Quafe warehouse mission for the level 4.  That’s right, a horde of Blood Raiders, including four battleships, were fighting us to the death over a case of 10 of Quafe’s new soft drinks.  It reminded me of my wife’s Black Friday shopping trips!