Amelia Earhart: It’s a matter of life and death!
The Thinker: I’ll tell you what’s a matter of life and death, that beautiful lady over there.
[statue of Aphrodite giggles]
The Thinker: Hey baby, check out the gun show going on over here. BOOM BOOM! Firepower!

~ Night at the Museum 2

Frustration my friends, that is what I face.  We tried to tackle another level 4 mission last night, and to put it politely, we failed.  We warped in with our usual gusto, the Megathron tanking and my Prophecy providing additional pew-pew.   And we busted up the cruisers and the lone frigate, which was apparently the token ECM craft.  Which left us facing six Caldari State Raven varients.  We tried….everything.

They hit so hard, so fast, that we only had a few minutes in each run before the Mega was pulling out trailing flames.  A few times it was so close we didn’t have time to fully recall drones before we leapt out, missles clawing after us.  And in those few minutes, we could usually break the shield tank and clear some armor, even some structure if we were lucky, but by the time we got back, we had to almost start from scratch.

Eventually we got a fit we thought was working.  I switched over to ECM jammers and he droped drone links in favor of rocket launchers spewing Defender missles.  It helped cut down on their dps enough that we knocked one Raven from the sky.  But we must have gotten lucky because nothing worked after that.  I even dropped my tank significantly to free up slots and power to add a heavy missle launcher and some additional weapons upgrades.  Still nothing.

So after three hours (!), as 2am approached for me, I had to call it a night.  I knew I had to work today, had company coming to spend the weekend, and I’m still not 100% recovered.  It sucks because at this point, we’ve lost *all* the mission salvage, and the time bonus.  We went from an operation that looked to net us 8 million or so to one that’s going to pay out maybe two million, if we’re lucky.  And we’ve spent a good million or so on the modules we tried out last night.

So here’s my setup.  Please give me any feedback you have on additional firepower, bearing in mind that I have limited funds to work with.


Malkuth Heavy Missle Launcher (Widowmaker)

2 x 250mm Scout Accelerator Cannon (Iridium)

3 x 250mm Railgun I (Iridium)


F-12 Nonlinear Tracking Processor

ECM – Multispectral Jammer


Energized Thermic Membrane I

Energize Magnetic Membrane I

800mm Reinforced Steel Plates I

Damage Control I

Linear Flux Stabilizer

Results:  120 DPS (265 burst) @ 35km

There are some things already in EFT that I have done to tweak this, so as of tonight:

Swap Damage Control I for Magnetic Field Stabilizer I

Swap Iridium Charge M for Lead Charge M

Result:   137 DPS (321 burst) @ 30km

This is not a great solution though, since the Ravens tend to be approx. 40km out when we warp in, which means more time closing to optimal range.  Time I don’t have.  Possible relevant modules I already own:

3 x 650mm Artillery Cannon

1 x 650mm Medium Gallium Cannon

1 x 720m Howitzer Artillery

1 x Heavy Modal Pulse Laser

Tracking Enhancer (don’t remember which one)

Compact “Limos” Assault Missile Bay

Willing to spend:  1 million ISK or so.  I’d like to still break even on the mission, just so we can get to the next one and not have to take too much of a step backwards.  Long term here, I’m training and saving to buy an Armageddon, which should help significantly, but I won’t be done with training until Wednesday, and unless we finish off some more missions, I won’t have the cash to buy it and fit it both.



8 thoughts on “Firepower

  1. Try something like this (you’ll have to spend some more on modules most likely…get whatever you can afford….but make sure you get enough of the SAME module for weapons…don’t mix and match different meta levels…

    Also…take of the ECM…ECM doesn’t work against NPCs 😉

    Capacitor Power Relay I
    Capacitor Power Relay I
    Heat Sink II
    Medium Armor Repairer II
    N-Type Explosive Hardener I
    N-Type Kinetic Hardener I

    Fleeting Propulsion Inhibitor I
    Eutectic I Capacitor Charge Array
    10MN Afterburner II

    Focused Anode Medium Particle Stream I
    Focused Anode Medium Particle Stream I
    Focused Anode Medium Particle Stream I
    Focused Anode Medium Particle Stream I
    Focused Anode Medium Particle Stream I
    Focused Anode Medium Particle Stream I
    E50 Prototype Energy Vampire

    1. HarbingerZero

      ECM *does* work. When I jam those guys they are down for 15-20 seconds, and when they come back online they target me – which helps increase the time we can stay in the complex hitting them.

      As for your fit:
      Training Time: ~ 1 week
      Costs: 37 million ISK
      DPS Change: -15%
      Range Change: -10%

      So…A week from now, I could spend more ISK than I have currently in my wallet to lose 15% of my damage, and force me to get 10% closer to do it. That doesn’t sound like a winning fit to me!
      (-: On the other hand, I love your Cyclone WH explorer fit…

      1. hehe, lol 😀 you’re welcome?

        I thought ECM didn’t work in missions, never tried it…just heard people say it didn’t work.

        And i’m assuming the DPS would be lower for the simple fact that the pertaining skills wouldn’t be as high a level.

        Guess I should have looked a little closer at your fit to realize you weren’t using Amarrian weapons 😀 lol

        Glad I could be of no help 😀

        (and I liked my Cyclone fit too…liked being the operative word…lol,

  2. Sorry I can’t help you in regards to your Prophecy as I’m a Gallante, but I’m curious what fit your mate is using on his Megathron. I use a Mega as well for running Lvl 4s solo and have yet to find one I can’t do alone. I’m not high in SP either, having not even cleared the 10mil mark. If you want my fit, I’m quite willing to share it when i get home (currently at work)

    1. HarbingerZero

      I don’t have the specifics with me Selina, but I know it involves being fully rigged with Tri Marks, with highs filled with 425mm named rails, and drone links until we switched to defenders. He’s tried both single and double armor repper fits, with appropriate energized plates, to no avail. If you could share your fit though, we’ll try anything at this point.

      Also, I’m Gallante as well. One of the reasons I chose the Prophecy (and the Arbitrator) was the lack of race specific bonuses, allowing me to customize the fit more to what I had already trained – hybrids, while giving me a bonus to what Gallente already does decently – armor tank.

  3. HarbingerZero

    Aww, Cyber! I hate that for you man, especially since it was rigged…ouch!

    Anyway, no its not the skill level (I actually have equal levels of skill in all turrets), its because Amarr lasers do not have base level of range that railguns and artillery do, so you have to use a longer range, and thus lesser damaging ammunition/crystal to get it where I need.

    Update, I found a fit using existing modules that gets me to 156 dps (471 burst!). I’ll write it up tomorrow with those overdue screencaps!

    1. gotcha 🙂 I’m usually a close range fighter, so I stick with the close range high DPS stuff, which is why I thought it would be more DPS 😀

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