On A Wing and a Prayer

six percent


So (finally) as promised, a screen cap of my near death experience from a few nights ago.  We finally beat the mission last night.  My buddy moved the Mega to active tanking with hardeners dependent on what shots he was taking, switched to AM ammo and just decided to hope he had good accuracy.  That combined with my newfound fangs put us over the top.  We wiped about six cruisers in the first pass, and two battleships per pass afterthat.  The final battleship spawn, and the repair depot itself gave us trouble after that though.  The final battleships, of the Widow type, were using some super-npc rail that was hitting me at 70km for 700-800 damage a shot.  And the repair depot had the tank of a titan.  I went through nearly 8000 rounds of hybrid charges, over 300 artillery shells, and several hundred missles before we finally popped it. 

The final payout wasn’t bad.  My buddy got a ton of Caldari Admiral tags, and we both cleared over two million, enough to cover our costs at least.  So in the end we were fighting for pride I guess, but there’s nothing wrong with that, now is there?