*You* be the FC! Choose Your Own Adventure!

Thank you all for the feedback on my negative review of EVE’s “Butterfly Effect” video.  I had hoped it would generate more discussion in the EVE blog-o-sphere, especially considering how I seem to be one of the few bloggers who has spoken out against it.  But if it made a few of you laugh, it was worth every minute!

So, on to today’s promised “choose your own adventure” which comes slightly modified from an op I was given a play by play on recently.  For the curious, they chose what would amount to option b) for each of these questions.  Part of the fun is seeing if you agree with them (I don’t think you will).

Rules of the Game:

  1. Feel free to answer any or all of the questions.   This episode contains a half dozen or so.  
  2. You have to work with what you have. 
  3. If you need clarification on loadouts, I will do so, but only in general terms.  We’re not crunching numbers here so much as making good decisions.

Welcome Fleet Commander!  Today’s assignment – get some valuable PvP experience by taking a null sec roam with volunteers from the corp and alliance!  Primary Goal:  Victory!  Secondary Goal: Not getting embarrassed!

You put out the call of a volunteer pvp op.  Two corpmates answer the call.  The three of you jump into the roaming route.  Here’s what your gang is packing:

Wolf-class Assault Ship, fitted for Tackle and DPS

Zealot-class Heavy Assault Cruiser, fitted for Tackle and DPS

Drake-class Battlecruiser, fitted for Tackle and DPS

You roam the area, finding it to be slim on traffic.  In a moment of luck and happenstance, you catch a red Helios uncloaked in the system!  Immediately, you:

1.  a) Run like hell! Uh…what’s a Helios?  b) Administer a beatdown.  c) Admiral Ackbar.  d) other.

Assuming b) above…you open fire on the Helios, which is quick, but not quick enough to avoid the tracking on the Wolf’s T2 autocannons.  His armor is 90+% gone when he receives some reinforcements!  An enemy Typhoon crashes the party.   The two enemies focus fire on the Zealot.

2. a) Stay the course, drop that Helios!  b) Get the ‘phoon, he’s the big guns!  c) Retreat!  d) other.

Assuming b) above…you exchange fire for a bit, but its clear the Typhoon is outmatched.  His armor is all but gone when a Maller warps into system.  It joins the focus fire on the Zealot, which is really taking a pounding now.  In addition, the Zealot pilot reports that he is being neuted, though he does not know if it just started or not, so its unknown from which ship its coming.

3. a) This is getting out of hand, time to run for it!  b) Oh crap, get the Maller!  c) Don’t let up on the ‘phoon!  d) other.

Assuming b) above…a fourth enemy ship arrives, but all you catch is that its some sort of cruiser before the Zealot pops like a handgrenade in grandma’s purse.  All four enemies ships have now primaried the Wolf, and now it too is being neuted.

4. a) Finish the Helios off, let’s at least pop someone!   b) Stay on the Maller! He must be the neuter!   c) Well this is not looking good, but maybe we could finish of the Typhoon to make it bittersweet for them!  d) other.

Assuming b) above…The Wolf spiderwebs the local space and condenses into a debris cloud.  The Drake is now being neuted, and now tackled as well.  With nowhere to run, the pilot should:

5.  a) Eject and live to fight another day.  b) Smack down that Maller already!  c) Surely those two damaged ships can’t take that much more…and this is a Drake after all…if you can just get their dps down…  d) other.

Assuming b) above…the Drake finally gets hammered into submission.  All three pilots manage to make it away without getting podded.  The enemy is actually gracious in their victory, which stings even more because it feels like…pity.  What have you learned from this defeat:

6.  a) They were lucky.  b)  We got pwned…we suck at PvP.  c)  We need better ships/mods/skills.  d) other.

Assuming b) above…while you are relating this tale, one of the people who hears it decides that it would make a great post for his blog.


6 thoughts on “*You* be the FC! Choose Your Own Adventure!

  1. Creative idea..although I’ve got to say, those options are fairly unrealistic.

    First of all, a fleet Zealot having a tackle is a bit unreasonable. Unless they’re soloing, they should have beams and snipe from 50ish km (letting the Wolf tackle) or have pulses and hang at ~20km. They will pretty much instapop frigates.

    1. b

    How does a Helios avoid dying to 3 ships? Cov Ops ships don’t have much of a tank at all – in a cov ops, getting caught uncloaked = death. The Wolf tackles (and how bad are your gunnery skills? cov ops can’t speed tank for their life), the Zealot gets excellent hits from 20-50km, and the Drake hits with HAMs/Heavies. Boom goes the Helios.

    2. b

    Helios would be dead now. And even if it wasn’t, it doesn’t “focus fire” on the Zealot – cov ops don’t carry guns unless they’re failfit. Assuming a failfit, it’s doing around 10 DPS (two high slots – one gun and one cloak).

    At this point, the Zealot is orbiting the Typhoon tightly to get under its tracking. Damage should be small.

    3. d

    Fitting for DPS, your gang should be pumping out 1,000+ DPS. Bye bye Typhoon.

    The overview shows which ship is neuting. It wouldn’t be unknown. After the Typhoon, the Maller should drop fairly quickly as well. What happened to the Drake anyways?

    4. d

    Unless your pilots are drunk, incompetent, and miners who’ve never PVPed, all ships except the Maller should be dead now. Plus a neut would do nearly nothing against a Drake – missiles use no cap and it would either have a passive tank or a buffer tank (likely in this case as it’s a DPS setup).

    5. b

    Ok, I can see the Wolf going down to the Maller due to mistakes (it should run when it gets agro, as the Drake has a point already). But that still leaves the Drake and Zealot.

    6. d

    You just lost one Wolf for a Helios, Typhoon, and Maller. Defeat? Nah. *cue smack in local*

    1. HarbingerZero

      To clarify, this was an actual fleet op, and these were the actual outcomes. I did not make this up. I would have thought they would have at least gotten the Helios as well, but they did not.

  2. HarbingerZero

    lol since you are in denial Sage, drop me an EVE Mail and I’ll give you the killboard links to prove it.(-:

    1. Heh, I’m not in denial. I’m just stunned at how badly it went. But I’d definitely like to see the killmails. Do I evemail “Harbinger Zero”?

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