Take a Chance On Me

Okay, so its hard to write game blog posts about games the people who are reading your blog may not be playing.  But, just like the great band that has to convince their audience to try out some of their new music, part of game blogs inventory should be introducing you to new stuff.  Right?  So follow me today on a journey through just one random battle in The Reincarnation – aka Archmage.

My guild there, the White Raven, as part of its acceptence of new members, requires a training course.  Part of that course is to complete attacks of a good leve of success against three opponents of varying styles within the course of a week.  Its a great exercise, and one that I did not complete in my last stint in the game (got 2 of 3!).  The server resets on Saturday, so I’m trying to cram them in this week so that I can “graduate” to full membership with the reset.  To that end, I’ve been very aggressively pounding other mages.  Today I got my first of the three successes needed, which require that you conquer a minimum of 80 acres of land in a seige attempt.  I could show you the battle report from that, but it would look like gibberish to you without having read the game rules. 

So let me narrate the battle for you.  I do this because a) its a great RP/immersion exercise and 2) because its one of the sweetest things about this game – the battles and the way they play out.

Stuff you need to know:  battles in TR consist of “Stacks” of troops of the same type – units of mundane or magical troops that fight together.  Based on their weapon range, initiative, and movement, they target opposing stacks.  Each mage has up to 10 stacks of troops active and could receive up to 2 more from allies.  In addition for each battle, a mage is allowed to cast a battle spell, and use a magic item.  For stacks, you need a balance.  If you have only a few powerful units (like my Titans you’ll see below) you will probably inflict alot of damage, but not be able to take and hold much land in the attack.  On the other hand, if you have lots of weak units, you will probably lose too many casualties to win the battle.  Plus you have to take into account stacking strategies involving trying to get your stacks to fight stacks favorable to their battle style – (Werebears won’t do much to the Iron Golems with their thick armor, but Iron Golems should rightly fear magic shooting Liches.  On the other hand, you don’t want to let Werebears anywhere near your Liches).  So here’s how the battle unfolded:

I marshall my forces and lay seign to the enemy mage.  By sieging it will be more difficult to win, but if successful, I will take more land and one of his fortresses, a mage’s “HP” in the game.  I have summoned Titans, Archangels, and Treants to my cause, and used magical Peaches to summon my “fodder” – thousands of Gorillas.  The enemy, a nature type mage, ends up having alot of what one would expect: Earth Elementals, Mandrakes, Phoenix, Treants, Nymphs, and Fire Elementals.  I’m not using my full stacks, and so I cast Resurrection, to cut down on my losses.  I also use a Javelin of Lightning Bolt to help inflict losses, since nature types are usually week to fire.  Both are successful, and hundreds of Treants, Mandrakes, and Nymphs fall before the battle even starts, despite his casting Wooden Soul, a protective spell for his troops.

The unit with the most initiative is his Phoenix, and they move to counter my flying stack of Archangels, loosing fire, beak, and talon, killing 30 of them.  Not good, but then, I have a 1000 or so of these.

Strength attracts strength in TR, my Titans and his Earth Elementals engage in an epic clash. My hero, a Dwarven Berserker, leads the Titans.  The enemy’s Fire Elementals, not having a stack to pair against, join this battle as well, but to no avail.  There’s apparently too few to slay even one Titan.  6 Elementals and 5 Titans fall prey to one another as they pound away.  So far, I have the upper hand, as these units are almost equal in power, and he has lost more.

My Archangels, ignoring the weaker and smaller stack of Phoenix (Phoenii?) attack the killer plant Mandrakes.  They destroy 450 with their holy swords, losing only 2 of their own in the process.  His Mandrakes, unable to carry the battle to the air, instead attack the Treants with poisonous thorns.  I lose 64 to his 31.  Ouch!  My Treants on the other hand, are busy slaughtering his own – 42 of his die along with another 1 of mine, making up the loss and then some.

Meanwhile, his Treants are trying to whittle down my Gorillas. 500 of them actually.  Gorillas are fodder, but I have over 15000 of them, enough to kill 5 of the big trees.  Unfortunately, my Javelin completely stack wiped his Nymphs, and so my Gorillas join in the struggle against the Earth Elementals.  This is actually bad for me, as fodder can’t do much against such powerful units.  No elementals are harmed, but another 56 Gorillas fall.

Resurrection kicks in, and I get back half my slain Titans and Treants, along with 2/3 of my Archangels, and a handful of Gorillas.  Yeah, its a powerful spell and cost me alot of mana, but it was worth it.  That cuts my own losses significantly, and the result is victory.  I lost about 3% of my troops totaling 7.5% of my army’s power.  But he has lost much more than that.  And I can taste the victory!

Your attack was successful and you gained 93 acres, while destroying 184 acres of land.

And this was a small battle really.  Think about what it would have looked like if we had both had the full 12 stacks engaging one another!  If you are in any way enticed by this, join up.  Act now and I’ll even give you a special magic item called The Total Newbie Handbook, which includes tips on playing the game, and when used, summons several thousand squirrels for your Newb Army.   I’m not making this up.