EVE’s Endgame

There isn’t one.


3 thoughts on “EVE’s Endgame

  1. Good. I’m still working on starting a MMOvement to ban that term anyway. I despise it.

    Why? Because ever since WoW (and maybe EQ before it, actually), “endgame” now also implies “what came before isn’t important” and that’s just wrong on so many levels (design and play experience) that it makes me start foaming at the m–

    *twitch* *twitch*

  2. HarbingerZero

    @Ysh – /agree. I remember in the early days feeling sorry for those people who powerleveled to max quickly, they were often lost in using their characters and missed out on lots of goodies in the game. That trend seems to be gone. How can we go back to rewarding players who take their time?

    @Wilhelm aka TAGN – touche. (-: On the other hand while I see many multiyear EVE vets still put frigates and basic T1 ships to good use, I have yet to see a noob flying a dreanought…

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