One Year and Counting!

Yay!  Today marks the one year anniversary of this blog, and I couldn’t be more thrilled!  Part of me can’t actually believe that I made it a full year.  So today, a retrospective…

Quick Stats:

101 Posts, 153 Comments

Total Views – 3,055 (Best Month: July 2009 – 1000 views!)

Busiest Day – 100 (Thursday May 21, 2009)

Top 5 Posts – Carrier Strike Force, A New Breed of CSM, Blog Banter #9, Order in All Its Glory, Wizard 102

Worst Posts – a 10 way tie, including 5 posts of posting schedule updates.  All of these had 1 page view each…

Most Prolific Search Term – Banhammer and its varients ~ 260 times

Most Active Commenter – Ysharros ~ 26 times

Quick Thoughts:

The blog took off in May, thanks to the combined efforts of some heavy hitters.  Thanks again to The Ancient Gaming Noob, Kirith Kodachi, and Ysharros for their intentional efforts to boost traffic for me!  The direct link to Carrier Strike Force by TAGN (and also picked up by Virgin Worlds) just about blew up my site.  My only regret was that if I had known in advance, I would have tried alot harder to write a better post!  The surprising second place though, was a post I wrote off the cuff – A New Breed of CSM, wherein I endorsed CSM’s coming down hard on forum trolls.  Does that mean people agree with me?

The biggest disappointment in page views, for me, was Five Things Your Guild Should Be Doing, which I think is a must read for any guild leader.  So if you go back and read one post you missed from this year, let that be the one!  My other disappointment was that no one even bothered asking me what Queasy Tom Snot meant.  Hint – anagram.  (-:


Goals for the Coming Year:

1) Though I’m not sure why this would stand out above anything else, it would tickle me pink to be on the West Karana daily blogroll at some point.  I just love the quick fire nature and the host of links and the off the cuff comments, and seeing my blog linked there would be a joyous occasion.

2) Be a part of someone’s podcast show.  I’ve never done it, and I don’t know how to do it, but I would gladly do whatever I needed to do to learn to be a guest on somebody’s show.   Again, not so much for fame of fortune, but just because it would make my day and probably be a fantastically fun experience for me.


Best PC Game I Played This Year:  (tie) World In Conflict, Dominions 3, (Honorable Mention: Two Worlds – better than I thought it would be)

Best Console Game I Played This Year: Need For Speed Carbon (yeah, I know, I’m behind in the series…)

Best Pen and Paper RPG This Year:  (tie) Anima: Beyond Fantasy (seriously worth all $60 for the rulebook, I promise), Burning Wheel (Crane = genius)

Best Boardgame This Year:  I just got Twilight Imperium for my birthday, and though I haven’t played it yet…its gotta be the one.

MMO Subscriptions:  Eve Online (5 months), Warhammer (2 months),Age of Conan (2 months), LotRO (2 months), Station Pass (1 month), EQ 2 (Pass + 1 month), Pirates of the Burning Sea (Pass + 2 months)  – these include free months where appropriate, and months not yet complete.



Again, thanks to all of you who come here and read what I write!  I hope you continue coming in the next year, and I hope I can provide you with even more entertainment and a growing skill in this thing we call blogging!


7 thoughts on “One Year and Counting!

  1. Hey, congrats! I should have said that yesterday but got work aggro and my ego only had room enough to check my own comments. B-)

    I still need to head over to CoW and moo the lot of them for talking me into this blogging thing, especially Genda.

  2. Hey! Belated congratulations on being able to entertain yourself while writing your thoughts for us to see!

    Many years to come! Stay sane!

    …or at least reasonably sane…

    C out

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