And Away We Go… Part I

Up to now, though I haven’t been completely happy in my EVE corp, I haven’t left either.  For whatever reason, I stuck around.  In part maybe because I had nowhere to go, and in part because my gut just told me it wasn’t time yet.  I’ve been waiting for something, but I just didn’t know what.  I learned a few years ago how and when to trust my instinct in these matters, and this was one of those times.

Earlier this week, we had another incident.  A buddy found himself unceremoniously dumped from the corp, despite having been an active contributor and missioner.  In the aftermath, the leadership lied and tried to cover up their mistake, and offered reinstatement…but no apology and no explanation other than what we had to ferret out in private convos from those who were sympathetic.

Meanwhile, a month or so ago, you may remember me wondering aloud about starting a corp in the game, just to play around with the features and maybe one day to write a guide on it.  I did so, a shell corp that I used to play around with titles, role management, and settings.  It was..awkward, and so I never got around to writing the post.

And some of you can guess where this is headed:

..Incoming invite to private chat…

[01:06:31] Buddy #1 > howdy
[01:06:35] Acer Tinkari > hey
[01:06:39] Acer Tinkari > secrecy?
[01:06:45] Buddy #1 > Buddy #2 wants to join your corp
[01:07:05] Buddy #1 > i think i do too
[01:07:09] Acer Tinkari > my corp…as in not [my current corp], but [the dummy shell corp I set up last month]
[01:07:17] Buddy #1 > yeah
[01:07:23] Acer Tinkari > Hell, lets do it
[01:07:28] Buddy #1 > lol
[01:07:35] Buddy #1 > where is your base at?

[01:08:35] Acer Tinkari > Alright, well first order of business, where do we want the HQ and first corp hanger at?

[01:11:39] Acer Tinkari > Ok…I think the easiest way to do it is to bring my alt down and swap the hq to here that way, so we don’t have to travel out to his noob system to put in apps
[01:12:10] Buddy #1 > lol
[01:12:32] Buddy #1 > sounds like a plan, not only that, but also so you don’t have to maintain the cost of 2 bases
[01:12:45] Acer Tinkari > Yeah that too
[01:13:09] Acer Tinkari > Ok, I’ll swap over to him and start the journey – I don’t think it was too bad ~20 jumps or less
[01:13:29] Buddy #1 > yeah, not to bad
[01:14:40] Acer Tinkari > … put him in your address book so you can find me easy
[01:14:51] Buddy #1 > let me know if you want to scout you in

[01:15:08] Acer Tinkari > Ok will do
[01:15:18] Acer Tinkari > This is going to be fun…. (-:
[01:15:35] Buddy #1 > lol

I redacted some of it for security purposes.  We need a few days to get things set up and settled and so on before it goes 100% public.  But when that conversation came in, I knew it was the time and the place.  Having an occasionally disfunctional corp was not reason enough for me to leave.  I needed more than escape, I needed a new purpose and direction, and support in that endeavor.

So its time for me to put my money where my mouth is.  I’ve been critical, and now its time for me to be proactive.  Better (and worse) yet, you all have full access to how I think this corp should be run.  So if I stray from the vision…well all sorts of people are going to let me know about it, aren’t they!

Stay tuned over the next few days, as I’m sure as this unfolds, a weekend update will be in order!

3 thoughts on “And Away We Go… Part I

  1. Serge Bastana

    This is funny, I did the same thing, I created a one man corp with an industrial alt to join a research alliance to do research on BPO’s. Meanwhile I’m in a large corp that is constantly under war dec and I’m becoming less and less happy with by the day.

    Eventually myself and two friends left and joined the corp I had made with my industrial alt and have been most happy since.

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