And Away We Go…Part II

Well, I think we are up and running.  There’s still a few things both in and out of game that need to be taken care of, but we are officially moved in to our headquarters and gearing up to take applications.

Now when I set up this corp, it was never intended to be a real corp, so I didn’t put alot of thought into the name (even though I did with the corp structure, since those were the tools I was using).  I created it on the fly one night, and as we are want to do when we don’t have the patience for creativity, we dip into the well of the past and select a congruent name.

Many, many years ago, I played Battletech often.  And the first mercenary outfit that I played as a part of with my friends, we named after an organization in an old cult movie favorite of ours.  The movie:  The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension.  The organization: The Blue Blaze Irregulars.  Only at that point we didn’t have copies of the movie at home, only the occasional odd TV viewing.  And thus we mistakenly believed it to be the Blue Patch-BuckarooBanziBlueBlazeBlazer Irregulars.  

So the Blue Blazer Irregulars [BB-I] are now open for business.

Now I know you are anxious to join, so please, make your way to our office in an orderly fashion!

Seriously, we are open to applications at the moment and looking for others to join us in our endeavors.  We all do a good bit of mission running, but we figure everyone does that.  For those who enjoy exploring the EVE universe, we need scouts for the Radar Rangers division.  Those who want to conquer the world of EVE economically can sign up for the Banzai Institute, our industrial & mining division.  And for those who crave pew-pew, our location offers unique and copious opportunities for low-sec warfare, (and with a bit of time and patience, the occasional nullsec roam) and there is a place for you in the Hong Kong Cavalier’s division.

And since we are new – experienced players can expect to take on active roles in the structure of the corp early on.

Here ends the recruitment advert for the day!

Seriously we are trying to figure out what all we need in game at the moment.  I’m working on the in game advert, and an online message board for us.  We also picked up some BPO’s last night and have begun churning out an industrial base for both profit and corp activities.  And getting our standings set up.  What else do we need?  Do you have any recommendations or good advice?  We’re not too proud to take it, believe me, and we want this to be a successful endeavor for all of us.

3 thoughts on “And Away We Go…Part II

  1. Congrats on making your very own headache 🙂

    … And good luck!

    (Oh hey, for the name/URL thing, try your global dashboard, “profile” option down at the bottom of the menu list. Dunno if that’s the place, but it’s also where you pick your gravatar so I’m thinking maybe… OTOH I haven’t even had my first cup of coffee, so what my thinking is worth right now is debatable!)

    1. Hey I got it working! It turns out you have to enter your website again at the bottom of your profile page under the “contacts” list or some such. That will probably help in the future.

      As for the headache…all I can say is that it at least I won’t have to arrange furniture in an EQ2 guild mansion in a manner acceptable to all. (-:

      1. I’m actually looking forward to that. I’ve got @g33kg0dd3ss (twitter handle) as a role-model for the main guild we’re in (Halasian Empire), but I’m also slooooowly working our little old guild up to level 30 so I can putz about in a guild hall of our own. Don’t hold your breath for screenies though – guild is currently 21, so I anticipate reaching the GH-required level 30 sometime in 2013. 😉

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