Tip of the Day…

I have spent the last two nights in the Minmatar starting area, trying to recruit new pilots for our corporation.  While there I have been flying the tutorial missions – to have something to do, for sure, but also to test out a rumor.

I had heard that the tutorial missions provided a significant boost to your faction standings for the respective Empire in which you did them.  I asked around from some veteran pilots on this and got varying responses.

It turns out that while the majority of the missions do not, if you follow each arc to its conclusion, the final (10th) mission does in fact give a significant boost to your Empire standings.  I have completed two of the arcs, and both times I have received a flat bonus of .1 to my Empire standings – I say flat because it increases both the base and the adjusted (by the Connections skill)  are advanced by the same amount.

I have also heard that the tutorial arcs may be repeated once every three months, and I intend to find that out as well.   So if you need a little standings boost, get thee to the starter areas.  And while you are there, see if you can do a little good for all the new pilots.  The only way to whittle away the cliff is with a helping hand.