Two Words

I’m starting a meme.  Join in if you like!

A few weeks ago we played a party game called Loaded Questions.   One of the questions was: give two words to describe the current President of the US.  It was a fun question given the political tension in our country right now.  But since then I’ve found myself using the two words approach for other things in life too.   It might be that the two words are paird or it might be that they stnad alone

So here’s ten things in EVE online described using two words.  Feel free to add your own as you are inspired!

1.  Mission Running – “Easy Money”

2.  Probing – “Trigonometry Test”

3.  Drake – “Tinfoil Bedsheet”  (regular readers of this blog now know where that came from)

4.  Small Rigs – “Cheap, Genius”

5.  Gate Camp – “Bored Troll”

6.  Tutorial Missions – “Incomplete, Helpful”

7.  Free Market Economy –  “Winning Strategy”

8.  Loyalty Points –  “Not Enough!”

9.  New Capsule Graphics –  “Radioactive Spade”

10.  Caldari Ships Design – “Bad  Acid  Trip”


2 thoughts on “Two Words

  1. Tavi

    Caldari Ships – Intriguingly Asymmetric
    EVE – Time Sink
    EVE – True Love
    EVE – Spreadsheet Fun
    EVE Ship Fittings – Puzzle Solving
    Skill Training – Choices, choices

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