I Have A New Ship

My very first battleship!

Still needs a name though...
Still needs a name though...


It’s only taken me, what, five months to get into it?  Apparently I’m a slow leveler even in games that have no leveling.

Oops, almost forgot – fitting recommendations are welcome.


3 thoughts on “I Have A New Ship

  1. naggoth

    I recommend lazzorz … mostly because of the “7.5% bonus to Large Energy Turret optimal range per level” at L3 that’s a 22.5% increase, and L3 battleships is fairly easy to do.

    With the large meta 0 mega pulse laser, the L3 bonus alone increases it’s range by nearly 5km. With the large meta 0 mega beam laser it’s increased by nearly 10km. That will reach much farther than trying to fit some 1400mm Artys on it.

    Other than that I’ve got no idea, I only fly ‘matar 😉

  2. Hey there, Harbinger.

    I fly an Apocalypse as well (Sanguinary Aurora) and the fit that I use for L4 missions has served me so well, that I have not been able to concoct a better one in all my crazy EFT experimentation. Granted, this may be tough (or impossible) for you to fit, since I have a lot of the relevant skills at Level 5, but here’s what I use:

    8x Mega Pulse Laser II
    3x Cap Recharger II (or Amarr Navy Cap Recharger)
    1x Fleeting Propulsion Inhibitor (or a fourth Cap Recharger, depending on your cap skills)
    3x Heat Sink II
    1x LAR II
    2x Rat-specific primary damage armor hardener II
    1x Rat-specific secondary damage armor hardener II
    1x Auxiliary Nano Pump I
    1x Capacitor Control Circuit I
    1x Energy Locus Coordinator I
    5x Hammerhead II
    5x Hobgoblin II

    This combines the firepower of mega pulse lasers with the Apocalypse’s range bonus to provide excellent coverage at all ranges, assuming you have a full set of laser crystals (Multi through Radio). With my setup and skills, I’m effective out to about 83km, beyond which I can’t target anyway. It offers a servicable tank, which really shines against laser-based enemies like Blood Raiders and Sanshas, against whom I have never dropped below 90% armor, no matter how dense the battlefield was.

    It has a few flaws, which are exposed most egregiously by Enemies Abound 5/5. Its lasers don’t deal a lot of damage to the EM-resistant Republic Fleet Darkanas, requiring the approach to the mission to be to kill everything but them, warp out, warp back in at range, and try to pick them off one at a time, warping out as needed. However, I advise against doing Enemies Abound, anyway — I just trained Diplomacy to 4 to get out of the depths of outlaw standing in Gallente and Minmatar space from running it too often. 😉

    L4s are my primary source of income, so having a ship that can handle them without a sweat is very important to me. Though I’m always looking for a new ship, this one hasn’t let me down since I bought it. Apocs are truly great.

  3. Lol, are you making fun of me about my arty fetish? Yeah I gave up on arty on Amarr ships (except my Arbitrator of course).

    Thanks both of you for the tips though. I think this ship will serve me well for a long time to come.

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