Limiting Factors Part II: Leverage

So I went to fit my Apoc last night with whatever I could. I’m not one of those peopel that trains Large Energy Turret to five before I by a battlesehip, you see. The cap is fairly stable, some CPU fitting issues, and I’m working on those, but I really wanted it cap stable with the Armor Repper running.

So I thumb through my skills, and that whole idea of Limiting Factors rears it head again. There’s lots of ways to increase the cap on your ship, and for me in particular there were three ways.

So I chose the one that gave me the most Leverage over the Limiting Factor. The thing that I could improve with the least amount of investment that gave me the greatest result. Because there is more than one way to skin a cat.

So, to improve my cap, I had a few possibilities:

Change modules: improves cap but at the cost of tank/dps, cost: mid

Train Energy Management 5: improves cap, cost: high (16 days training)

Train Controlled Bursts 4: lowers cap costs of turrets, cost: mid (3 days)

Train Fuel Consumption 3: lowers cap cost of afterburner, cost: low (8 hours training)

My Leverage here at first glance is the AB training, though that only helps in fits with an AB, and only then with AB running. So really the best solution here is Controlled Bursts, a skill I had almost forgotten about. The great thing is that this is a skill that will improve my cap across the board, and not just with the Apoc, or the Prophecy – it will help with any ship I may roll out, save those with Projectile weapons, of course.

After I realized that, I went back over my skill list looking for options. There’s so many skills and angles in EVE its easy to forget about an option or to overlook some favorable Leverage you may have in your playbook already.

Food for thought as I finish laundry and enjoy a few hours of peace on my day off as my little(st) one naps.


One thought on “Limiting Factors Part II: Leverage

  1. I heartily recommend that you train any and every capacitor-affecting skill to 5 if you fly Amarr. 16 days training for Energy Management 5 *is* a lot, but it’s time well spent and it will be with you for your entire EVE career once you do it.

    Also, don’t bother with an AB on an Apoc. One of the greatest things about a long-range sniper like an Apoc (even fitted with mega pulses, as I outlined in the comment on the prior entry) is that you can arrive in a mission setting and then just sit there. You should be able to hit pretty much everything, or at least aggro it such that it’ll walk right into range.

    Make sure you’re using cap rechargers in all of your mid slots, and consider throwing on a CCC or two (I prefer one, leaving the other two slots for tank and gank rigs, but my core skills are all at 5).

    When it comes to Amarr PvE, the general rules are these:
    Hi: Fit as many guns as you can
    Mid: Fit as many cap modules as you can
    Low: Fit half as damage modules (Heat Sink) and half as tank modules (LAR, hardeners)

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