Probing for Fun and Profit

So I completed my Astrometrics training, or at least as far as I wanted to go for now, and so I spent what little online time this weekend I had teaching myself the ins and outs of probing.

Fortunately, there is a swath of good guides already available, and they were all of moderate aid, though no one in particular stood out.

But I had success almost immediately.  My corpmates and I ran several rat hideoutes, a nice change of pace though not all that profitable for us

My very first wormhole!
My very first wormhole!

compared to shared Level 4 mission running.  But we did invest some funds into getting one of our own proficient with gas harvesting, after I locked down a cloud site.  Thirty million and change later, we’re pretty sure it was a good investment given how much we made with little effort over the weekend from just a pair of sites.

Given that I’m new to EVE still, in the grand scheme of things (I think my char’s six month anniversary is coming up soon), I was pleasently surprised by probing and how addictive it could become.  I could easily see the fun in Covert Ops on a regular basis, and as such I am undertaking the week long process of training cloaking.  There were a few unpleasant myths I think I created in my head about probing that I dispelled this weekend:

1.  I was worried that there would be too few sites and too many probers.  That has not proved true in our section of the universe.  In fact we even swapped site bookmarks with another prober last night and worked together with them to clear an exloration site to allow a new one to spawn.  I already have more stuff bookmarked than I have time or inclination to run down.  This has been a welcome discovery.

2.  I was worried that probing would be too complex for me to grasp.  While it can be an exercise in patience and three dimensional thinking, I found it to be a rather excellent puzzle/logic game in itself to play.  The variety has added spice to our life as well.  There are some nights when you just want a simple distraction from mining or mission running.  Probably from PvP too, though we are not quite ready to start sortying anti-pirate skirmish fleets yeet.  In fact the simple rat sites were actually rather fun.  My corpmate jokingly noted, after we warped into a hideout with a pair of battleships and literally blew up everything there, that perhaps we were a bit overkill.  I  told him that that feeling of power and dominence is not one that comes readily or easily in EVE, especially for newer players like us, and so it was one I could savor a bit.   Apparently he could too, because we lit up three more hideouts after that.

And so I have found that I can’t wait for Thursday night to come around, when I will purchase and outfit my first tech II ship.  I thought a long while ago that this would be an interceptor, and there may be one of those in my future yet.  But for now – silence will take precedence over swiftness.


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  1. Heh, I have seen that movie, but not in a very long time. I’m gonna have to pull it out again….err, watch it again soon. And I’ll have to try that Near Dark movie you pulled out this week too, looked interesting.

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