Where Diplomacy Is Done

One of the things that has plagued our small corp is connecting with our local community.  Finding new recruits, getting standings set, proving ourselves to the bigger corps that police the area, avoiding the neighborhood bullies, etc.

Like with sales or volunteer work, “cold calling” on people does not work all that well.  The last study I saw on the topic indicated that numbers on this had fallen even further – somewhere in the neighborhood of a .3% return rate.  This is mostly due to changes in the preferred forms of communication and culture.   The only truly effective way get together with people is to build a relationship with them.


And we’ve slowly been seeing that happen for us.  As we become more visible in our neck of the woods, provide intel for other corps and alliances, shoot the breeze in local, lend a hand where needed, those connections have become more natural.  Until last night when we had representatives of three different corps running level 4 missions together.

There was some brief early mention of a possible alliance come the fall, but after that, we settled into a routine of chatting and coordinated destruction.  It was, in a way, a test drive for how things might work out.  And we left the night pleased with the results.   Everyone carried their weight in the mission, communication was good, trust was established by allowing the mission taker to master loot and divvy up at the end of the night. 

Of course, if you are familiar with Tuckman’s four stages, you know that’s just the tip of the iceberg, but we’ll blog about those things when we come to them!   For now, its nice to know that our world is expanding.


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